Work-Study: Tips on How to Work and Study in Australia

Tips on How to Work and Study in Australia

Studying in Australia can be very exciting and fun, it is an adventure worth trying out. The World Scholarship Forum Team has arranged everything you need to know about Study in Australia For Free and Study and Work in Australia For International Students. Take your time and go through the content.

Australia is the only country that shares no land borders with any other country. It is both a country and a continent. The nation is popular for kangaroos and there is a lot more to Australia to desire. Australia covers a land mass area of 7.69 million square kilometers, making it the 6th largest country in the world with a political population of more than 23 million folks.
Of recent, Australia has attracted global attention in education acquisition as a result of the budget the government earmarks for international students yearly, which is a cardinal reason many students from around the globe decide to study there. In this article, we shall unveil the cost of studying in Australia, admission policy and requirements, the cost of living and other related matters.

Cost of Studying in Australia

Study Expenses and Scholarships

The currency used in Australia is the Australian Dollar (AUD), note this.
If you intend acquiring university education in Australia, one of your major concerns will be how much it’s going to cost you. The major advantage of studying in this country is that her government offers a lot of money to intercontinental scholars – from $500 million AUD per year. Many scholarships, grants, and bursaries in hundreds exist that you can apply for to help you study in Australia.

The Australian government supports the educational system to a very high extent and you can be sure about experiencing a wonderful academic life in Australia. The availability of various scholarships is another added advantage of studying in Australia, there are many scholarships one may pick from and international students can get unhindered access to many of these scholarship opportunities.
Because lots of students from around the globe apply to study in Australia yearly, applying for scholarships in is very competitive. If you are planning to self-sponsor your studies, you must be aware of the charges associated with studying and living in this part of the globe. The budget for education in Australia is reliant on the type and duration of ones’ studies as is the case with almost all other countries.

One can spend as much as $10,000 to $33,000 for undergraduate Bachelor Degrees in a year. Higher costs are associated with studying in private universities. Public institutions generally cost less.
A Graduate Master’s Degree approximately costs from $20,000 to $37,000 per year. The cost for a Doctoral Degree on an average ranges from $14,000 to $37,000. The higher costs here are attributed to private education.

Living Expenses

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection requires $18,610 as the minimum cost of living to release a student visa. Generally, your living expenses in Australia will rely solely on which region you plan to stay in. Urbanized areas have higher costs for accommodation. The type of accommodation also matters.
Aside from accommodation, your weekly expenses will most likely include;

  1. Groceries or eating out ($80 to $200)
  2. Gas and electricity ($60 to $100)
  3. Phone and internet ($20 to $50)
  4. Public transport ($10 to $50) and
  5. Entertainment ($50 to $100).


Working while Studying
If you wish to recover part of your expenses by working while you are studying in Australia, you can check with the right government office first, as different visas have different provisions on this.
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Admission Requirements
To study in Australia, there is a minimum need you must meet to meet your dream of studying there.

English language requirements
English is the lingua franca of the country; therefore, lectures and studies are taken in English language. In selected cases, you may be required to make available results of an English language test. Note that the English language proficiency demanded by an institution may be different from the one demanded for your student visa application. You can carefully go through students’ visa information on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) website as well as the institution website for English language requirements.

Academic requirements
Academic requirements will differ depending on the level of education you want to undertake including evidence of English language skills you need to study in Australia. Institutions can have varying entry requirements.
Here are certain general regulations on entry requirements for the various levels of study:
Good Use of English – Good use of English is important because all courses are taken in English.
Schools – different schools have varying entry requirements depending on the state or place you will be studying in. Your academic ability will be evaluated and proof of your academic performance is vital.

Higher Education Undergraduate – Gaining entrance into an Australian scholar course, you possess an Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (Year 12), or the overseas equal. Some undergraduate courses may also have specific pre-requisite subjects.
Higher Education Postgraduate – in addition to the satisfactory completion of a degree program at an undergraduate level, your institution may consider research ability or relevant work experience.

List of Universities in Australia

  1. Australian Catholic University
  2. Australian National University
  3. Bond University Gold Coast
  4. Carnegie Mellon University
  5. Central Queensland University
  6. Charles Darwin University
  7. Charles Sturt University
  8. Curtin University
  9. Deakin University
  10. Edith Cowan University
  11. Federation University Australia
  12. Flinders University
  13. Griffith University
  14. James Cook University
  15. La Trobe University
  16. Macquarie University
  17. Monash University
  18. Murdoch University
  19. Queensland University of Technology
  20. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
  21. Southern Cross University
  22. Swinburne University of Technology
  23. Torrens University Australia
  24. University of Adelaide
  25. The University of Canberra
  26. The University of Divinity
  27. University of Melbourne
  28. University of New England
  29. University of New South Wales
  30. The University of Newcastle
  31. The University of Notre Dame Australia
  32. University of Queensland
  33. University of South Australia
  34. University of Southern Queensland
  35. University of the Sunshine Coast
  36. University of Sydney
  37. University of Tasmania
  38. University of Technology
  39. The University of Western Australia
  40. Western Sydney University
  41. University of Wollongong
  42. Victoria University

You can begin your journey to a bright future if you study in Australia.

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    Joseph Dales
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  98. Hi, my name is Teddy Brown I’m from actually been my wish to be a part or this great nation(Australia) and its people.sir/madam, if I’m given this opportunity, it will be highly appreciated. I’m interested in learning computer technology. Sir/madam I look forward to hear from you as soon as possible.

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    Please, please!! Let someone help,I will forever remain to be grateful to you and your family and even the Country.

  101. June 15, 2019 at 11:02 am
    I am Bernard Baraqo from kenya , i have a diploma in medical laboratory science I need to get scholarship for degree of medicine in Australian universities and work there if possible

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  103. Am Joseph lokeris from Kenya i would like to study in Australia to persue my masters degree

  104. Am detibo isaac from Uganda in town called arua in westnile region i will wish to work and study in Australia if the chance is given for and it will mean that my dream has become true,but the biggest thanks will go to you people who has given me the opportunity

  105. Hi, i am Michael Johnson, a liberian living ivory coast for some past years, i study électricité by thé ivoirien électricité company for some years but now want to keep it on abroad.

  106. Hello i am Dennis Topay from Liberia,i bless God so much for this opportunity giving to me for this scholarship. I’m a mechanical engineer and i want to get a degree for it.

  107. Hi,I am Fulgence IRAKOZE Burundian refugee in Tanzania, please help me to get that opportunity to study in Australia, my dream was to achieve university studies but my dream has disappeared when the country had fallen into political crisis, now i live in bad condition in a camp,please help me ,my email and my WhatsApp number is+255626892355.

  108. Thanks a lot for the opportunity but me l have already joined the university but l have troubles in paying my tuition and maintaining myself at campus so l just request for financial help me complete the remaining 4 years of my course

  109. Am Wycliffe from kenya, An orphan currently a university dropout due to lack of school fee. Please am requesting you to assist me secure a chance to study in Australia

  110. Paynesville Liberia
    Montserrado county
    June 15,2019

    Dear Sir/ madan:
    I was overwhelmined when I came in contact with your link helping students around the world to achieve their dreams.
    I am interested in studying in Australia or any where I can be offer a scholarship.
    I am a Liberian. A high school graduate with a associate degree in general education and a class room teacher.
    For more inquiry, I include my contacts: 0777833257/0881983321 or
    I will be awaiting you for acceptance as one of your capable application to enable me obtain my first Bachelor degree in Education.
    Best regard.
    Murphy B. Geimeni

  111. Oh my God..this will be a dream come through…this has been my wish studying in this beautiful land… I am a Liberian from West Africa.

  112. Hallo, am Amelia from Uganda this is a great opportunity, I would like persue a course in business administration management I will be very glad to achieve this ,thanks.

  113. Ohh God, am happy to be umonger those knowing this gift of help from Australia.
    I am ready to join accademics well as working on scholarship bassis.
    Am from Uganda and I would like to add on my papers in Human psychology and counseling.

  114. I am interest sir,I will be happy if this opportunity will be given to me to study in Australia please sir it has been my wish to get a scholarship to study in Australia

  115. I am interest sir,I will be happy if this opportunity will be given to me to study in Australia please sir it has been my wish to get a scholarship to study in Australia my ID number is

  116. Am Dennis kimathi kirima from Kenya and am looking for a scholarship to study for a degree in hospitality can you help me out?

  117. I am mouhoubo Moussa who lives in turkish and i am african Djiboutien so i would like to apply the Australia apportunity for study please i wait your answers.

  118. I am Araksan Issa from Djibouti who lives in turk and i would like to participate the apportunity of Australia for study i wait your answers please.

  119. Am Habimana Stephen from Uganda it’s my pleasure to study and work in Australia after my studies. May you consider me for this opportunity in bachar of civil engineering at diploma entry. Best regards

  120. I’m Salvador Junior from Mozambique and I’m highly interested in studying in Australia, so please help get a scholarship if possible

  121. Thank you so much for this opportunity,lam Paul Walugembe a Diploma holder in Development studies from Uganda,I would like to study in Australia.

  122. Hello, My name is Moigbeh M Kromah from Liberia, I would like to study and work in Australia but don’t know how to apply for the fully funded scholarship program. And also I would like to find a great opportunity to realize my dreams in Australia

  123. Am Kuyoyo Gloria from Uganda l have just completed A level l would like to do a course in economics .Thanks

  124. African education is still backward according to world education calcuram. So on behalf of all Africans, am requesting European countries to help Africans to get better education were by at the end of studies is already with job cause right now Africans are suffering to get jobs yet they are graduated

  125. Hello dear Mr my name is ibrahima sory Diallo I am from Guinea Conakry
    I am very interested in your schorship because my dream is to get a very good formation and study as well as work will be a very good opportunity for me to realize my dream
    Thank you very much
    My address is +224622335926

  126. Hi I’m Milton s.p.chea,a liberian
    I write to salute you for the opportunities,hope to be one of the beneficiary of full time scholarship and work
    Opportunity in Australia.As a university drop out student for the the pass four yrs as a result of limited resources,I look forward to you to permit me complete my study for feature challenges and responsibilities.thanks.

  127. Am from Uganda i completed my o’level. Wish to get a scholarship in Australia +256777103806 is my whatsapp number

  128. Hello am ssemwanga ssonko Vincent a medical laboratory technician …
    I really want this so bad to improve on my medical skills

  129. I’m Basimise longe Rangi richard,

    I say thanks for your invitation to study in Australia; iam Congolese living in Kenya/ kakuma refugee camp.

  130. How can i get this chance?Plese,I want to Study and work at Australlia.Hopefully for your reply and thankyou vrymuch.

  131. June 15,2019 Sir. I’m a Liberian who have a dream of studying abroad, it will be a dream come true if you permit me as One of your scholars. I am a tenocrift R/A trainee student and also a footballer. Gabriel Morris

  132. Good evening sir/madam
    This is Aisha from Uganda I would love to study and work in Australia but that cost of living is high yet am a mother who is having two kids to take care of how can you help me out ?
    Can it be possible to get a full scholarship as I get a job there. Thanks eagerly awaiting for your reply.

  133. Hi there, am Robert Sunday from Uganda it’s
    a great opportunity for me to study from Australia I kindly request for the opportunity to have a bachelor in tourism and hotel management thanks

  134. Am ikoona Emmanuel from Africa (Ugandan) by nation, I would like to also to study from Austria and I full fill my academic dreams. I will be so much pleasant if you grant me this opputunity of continuing with my studies. I wish u all nice moment

  135. I am called OKWARE Alex,from Tororo District Uganda.I humbly submit my application for consideration for a vacancy in one of your Universities for a Masters degree in business administration.

  136. I am Julius L Saydee from Liberia. I am glad to see this great opportunity in Australia. Thanks for this invitation but I need your assistant to help me go through this process. I don’t no the way forward to this opportunity. please contact me as soon as possible on this number 231778609592

  137. I agreed.I want study in Australia .my name is young baby.I came from Africa.I’m graduated of 3years in accountancy. And I want to number is 0022378280802.thank you for acceptation .

  138. Greetings
    My name is Kagiso from South Africa. It is by an overwhelming happiness that i give thanks for the invitation to study in Australia. It is my wish to study abroad and explore different cultures outside my home country, South Africa.

  139. I’m Yusufu Fornah from Sierra Leone West Africa. Studying Electrical and electronics engineering. Pls help contact number +23230630861

  140. Hello I would like to add study’s and achieve that opportunity from Australia please you may notify me through my WhatsApp number is +256706303430 or email me at robertsunday58@gmail. Com thanks

  141. Hello am maria from uganda africa am glad to this opportunity to study in Australia .am a post graduate cerificate nurse and counsellor i would wish to get the scholarship and study n work in Australia .please i will be greaful if considered thank you.

  142. Hello am by names of Daniel metaloro citizen of south sudanese by nationality but am now in Uganda as a refugee I completed my 0 – level but am lacking a help to achieve my dreams am very poor which I may urged you if you can help me to join to sponsor me and study on line from Australia university of agriculture economic and nutrition to build up my career thanks I will be pleased if you put my request into consideration thanks God bless you in jesus name amen
    These are my numbers +256782905064

  143. Dear sir, i am a young man who is playing football as a career and also has keen interest in learning abroad, most especially Australia it’s one of my favorite country in the world. I’m a graduate and student as a training center in MCTV studying R/A. I wish to have this opportunity hopefully. Gabriel Morris

  144. I am Mohammed s kanneh.
    I’m a liberian, i am quite impress to apply for this international students scholarship work and study in Austeria. Sir/madam, i am humbly asking your indulgent to grant me this opportunity called scholarship inorder to pusue or overcome my acamedy dream.

  145. Hi,I’m a Liberian and my name is Daniel Barclay Jr. I want to know how can i get study in Australia.

  146. My name is Kubaho Samuel and I live in Africa country is Rwanda I apply he to request the scholarship of study in the university if I would get this occasion I may do it well fast in other to help hindering the same problems many have and other
    God bless u

  147. My name is Adama Touray, am a guineen. I study Business Management, I am kindly requesting for Australia study and work scholarship.

  148. Hi, my name is ALBERT P. GARMIE I need your help Sir, I in search of full time scholarships Sir. I have been out of high school since 2006==2007 and I need your help please. God bless you and your family.

  149. I’m so excited that the Australian Government has established such scholarship alert. How I wish I’m favoured by God Almighty! My name is Komba T Ngaujah, I’m a Sierra leonean

  150. June 15 2019 sir, I am a young man who is playing football as a career and has keen interest in studying aboard most especially Australia which is one of my favorite country in the world. Regarding to my educational, I obtained a highschool diploma and also a student at Monrovia vacation training center studying R/A as a technicians. Please grants me this opportunity. May God Almighty bless you and give you long life in Jesus name!……………… Gabriel Robson desouza Morris contact # +321 0777299338/0886790625

  151. Hello sir\madam. How are you doing?my name is Sharon from Kenya and am interested in studying in Australia for clinical medicine. Please help me get the opportunity .Thank you.

  152. Hello,how are you doing?Iam Sharon from Kenya and I would like to pursue clinical medicine in one of the Australian universities.Kindly,help me get the opportunity.Thank you.

  153. Hi there,
    I’m looking for an opportunity to work and study in Australia in Engineering Course
    Yours faithfully Stanley Finau.

  154. Hi, i am Kazibwe fahad a Ugandan. It would be nice if i could get a master scholarship in Education In Australia

  155. Hi I’m iradukunda Zidane from RWANDA 🇷🇼,currently now I’m living in Kenya 🇰🇪, i had just completed my studies in different subjects such as economics ,geography and history so I’m glad opportunity to work and to study in Australia ,my what’s up number(+250)714664537

  156. I am Aloyce Magendo diploma holder of primary education I would like to study and work in Australia

  157. Hi,I’m Rubanda from Rwandan it has wishes to get scholarships. It has degree s6 Electricity. Thank you for Australia WhatsApp number +256755124262

  158. Hi, I’m Rubanda from Rwandan, it has been my wishes to get scholarships and study in Australia I have degree S6 Electricity thank you for Australia it number WhatsApp+256755124262

  159. Kindly I would want to request from you free scholarship to study in Australia. Hoping that I shall be among those who will be given that chance. I am NIYONZIMA BAHEZA JAMES Congolese, refugee in Uganda Republic especially in Rwamwanja settlement /Kamwenge District. Thanks in advance

  160. I would love to study and work in Australia
    please contact me on +256777782147 am from uganda

  161. It’s a honor to receive this great opportunity in Australia. My wish is to get scholarship and study there after I Will come back in my country for teaching what I will learn. If possible I can also work there. For that, this program is very important for my pursuing cours.
    It’s Obed NKODIA from Congo Brazzaville

  162. Hello am Hellen from Malawi I would like to study in Australia . A bachelor’s degree in nutrition and food science or a related course . Help me on how to apply from one of the universities

  163. Hi Sir/Madam
    I’m Rudolph J. Jao a student from Liberia and will love to have an opportunity to study in Australia.
    I look forward to hearing from you, and hope I get considered and given this life time opportunity.

  164. Am from Nigeria but I went for visit in Mali
    I wish to apply for Australia work study scholarship. I don’t have money to study in my country due to poor finance am twenty two years i only finished my high school but am from a poor family there was no money to further my education. Here is my WhatsApp number +234 8119082402 i will be great full if
    My request is granted god bless you

  165. I am really interested in taking my educational dream to another greater level through your scholarship program and moreover,am from a poor country in Africa called Liberia and my both parents are deceased. I truly need this opportunity. Anthony from Liberia

  166. Hi my name is Mohamed salad from Somalia, I’m studying petroleum engineering, I Will finish ( June 2020) and I would like to go to scholarship in reservoir engineering master degree. Kingly you can contact me WhatsApp number +252617797763

  167. Am called Kusiima Brendah, thanks for the opportunity , I would wish to persue a degree in law..thank you

  168. Am Levite Kai a diploma holder in criminology from Kenya request for the scholarship to study bachelor degree in criminology please help me

  169. I’m interested in studying ICT in Australia, unfortunately, I’m financially zero! I was looking for a fully-funded scholarship no strings attached. This is because my dad passed away when I was in my 3rd year of high school. Since he was the sole bread winner, life got tough and only terribly worse later causing my continuation in education after completion of highschool to stop! I’ve tried all means possible but in vain, until I came across this article. My mom is very old and even if we were to dispose all of our assets, we would not make enough money to cater for the college expenses back here in Kenya. If I’m going to get a fully-funded scholarship to study anywhere, I’ll believe the saying ‘Miracles still do exist ‘!!

  170. Hey i am jean claude from Rwanda indeed i am so glad to apply for your scholarship, studying in Australia will be most helpful to me so my email is :
    Hope i’ll get good news from you and how to apply too!!

  171. Hi,
    Am Alfred Bwambale from uganda, i wish to work and study from Australia but i don’t have money, I complited A’level in 2016


  173. Hi I am Suzan from Uganda, it will be my pleasure to study and work in a beautiful country like Australia. I will appreciate your consideration. Thank you.

  174. I would like to study and work in Australia so that i can also support my family. Thank you very much for your support. My contact is +256752101036. Thanks.

  175. Hi sir/madam lam Elison Amasia and my nickname is Elsman Amasia lam from solomon lslands and l really want to study in Australia I dont have any thing thing at all but if any chance available and given to me lam really appreciated and thank you for selecting me God bless.

  176. I would love to study and work in Australia so that I can get under graduate degree but I honestly don’t have that much money,so I would need a scholarship. Pse help me achieve that dream and I will forever be grateful.thx

  177. im richard samati i would like to study for an undergraduate law degree abroad. 265885331381

  178. Hello,
    Dear sir/ madam i kindly write this letter applying for the job in USA/ AUSTRALIA .i have worked in many places especially hotels and i have a certificate in institutional catering and hotel management .i love to come and work from USA/ AUSTRALIA to get more skills and to keep in touch with the work members ,
    Iam a Ugandan by nationality ,female aged 23 .and a catholic .below is my contact number :0758174768 ,E-Mail is

  179. I am G. VICTOR S. TAMBA from Liberia, I am currently studying Pharmacy in Liberia. I am a graduating candidate of December, 2020, I want to apply for work and study scholarship in Australia. I have a dream of specialty in Neuropharmacology. This is my contact number +2310777299716/+2310886768970 and my email is

  180. I really appreciate this wonderful opportunity or scholarship from your country and I will be very glad to have such as opportunity from.Either jobs or studies I like to join it.

    1. Am a Angura Eric Ivan 22years old , a Ugandan by nationality. I’m from humbled family of 8 children and I’m the care taker . I studied and attained my PLE and UACE certificates and also acquired by bachelor’s degree in Administration. at Uganda Christian university in Mukono.but I would like to ask for any support to further my studies by acquiring a post graduate 🎓, and masters. so that I can help change the local community I grew up from. Thanks so much for any support granted.

  181. I would love to work and study in Australia. I come from Uganda. My dream is to get well so that I also support others. Thank you very much. My contacts are +256703076631/ +256779155533

  182. I would request for an opportunity since I am bright at school BT my parents can’t afford my education if u need proof of my brightness I can as well as attach my grades

  183. My name is Amie m jarju from the Gambia.sir/madam I really appreciate studying and living in Australia. that is if I will be given the scholarship. Because my parents are poor they cannot afford to pay my university education.thank you.

  184. Dear Sir: my name is J. Redeemer N. Berry from Liberia wanting to obtain under graduate degree in environmental science in your country which has been my dream for so long based on the economy hardship in my country. I will be waiting to hear from you if God will. For more information you contact the following #s +231886645590/+231777242763

  185. Thanks my name is Harris Cleon Geninyan, graduating student at the University of Liberia from the Agriculture department, I’m looking for a master program in plant breeding and seed management.

  186. Dear madam/sir I’m Athenkosi mawa a student of Walter Sisulu University ,doing N H certificate for level 2 in South Africa,I have intentions of finishing my education in an developed country ,but that is not easy especially that I lack financially, I hope your assistance would be very helpful in achieving my educational dream

  187. Can u please help me I want to work and study in Australia to help the Government of Australia, and my country. I am from west Africa the Republic of Liberia. I am a high school graduate in my country. I will be very happy if u contact me on my email. Thanks.I hope to received an email from your organization.

    1. Mr name is ashery mayengela kabaka from Tanzania can you help me i want to study in Australia for the aim of improving my level of education am undergraduate level

  188. Hey, Am David Dennis Jr, I want to work and study in Australia. My number +231770929771/+231880155265, I am a Liberian, my parents cannot afford to send me to University because of financial situation.

  189. Am Edwin Mutembei am from kenya..i come from a humble background with a lot of hardships and extremely problems…i scored a c+ in kcse last year and i will be glad and appreciate alot if you offer me a scholarship

  190. Am Samuel monyluak and I would like to study in Australia due to background am from poor family and need help from you of you can assist me with education am a postgraduate student, I will be very glad if I receive a message from you.. Here is my contact number 0757698229 am from south sudan bit living in kenya thanks

  191. Hi,my name is anaclet ndayizeye I am from Burundi I wourld like to complete my sturdies in australia I have graduated in computer sience I have high scool diploma my family is vert poor that is the main reason why I couldn’t go to the universty may God bless you for good things that you do and thank you for the good answer that you gonna give me

  192. Am by name Ghum Mamol Bol from south Sudan!

    thanks you so much for given out this best opportunity to the poor people all over the world my pals, the only thing I would like to say is to keep that heart and that helping always; as they said what goes around come around, meaning whatever you give out today can come back to you tomorrow… Let your pocket be heavy and your heart be light,may God bless you my beautiful people who have this company Amen , I’m interested to study and work in Australia city

    1. But have not seen any university inviting me for full scholarship yet I want to study but have no money

    2. Am glad you give all of us this opportunity thank you so much. Am a Ugandan and I would be grateful given this opportunity. Thank you

    3. My name is Emmanuel Christon Turay. I will like to study in Australia. I was pursuing a degree in Mass Communication in one of the universities in my country. But due the death of my father, who has been supporting me, I was therefore unable to continue the course. So kindly help me to get the scholarship.

    4. Am Anthony from Kenya and wish to say that currently am in school of medicine pursueing pharmacy though in challenges. Am interested to study in Australia in medical field, u are not clear on universities offering the the medical and health science courses can one for example be offered a full scholarship? Am really interested to be there.
      Thank you for the invitation.

  193. Nalumansi Justine a.ugandan 34,I have senior 6 papers but ready to add on if am granted that chance

  194. Hello,gud evening I’m majwega Alex from Uganda, Africa I want to get a chance and study in Australia because my where killed by konny in northern Uganda all along I have been struggling with school fees but now I can’t manage please let have this chance and study with a full scholarship in your country thanks

  195. I am Loza ……from Eritrea …I really want to study in Australia ….if I can get a chance ….looking forward to the good news soon ….

    Greetings to the
    Administrators of

    It my PREVILEDGE to have this opportunities to apply on this Wonderful,Institution .For given the less PREVILEDGE an opportunities to also enjoy the Social and Economic,Financial benefit.In life which others are already and had been enjoying from birth.
    Thanks once again for this greatful opportunities to the lesser PREVILEDGE.God bless the Administrators.Thanks for adding me on your list of lesser PREVILEDGE candidate scholarship.

    Long live the Propriator
    Long live his Cabenite members
    Long live the Nation and her

  197. Hey Sir/madam what a the necessaries of getting that scholarship coz l would like to join the campus am an ophorn. And l prefer Canada thanks very much.l will be greatfuly if my reply is put under consideration.

  198. Hi dear sponsors , I’m Abdilahi mohamed issa from somalia , I have recently completed my first bachelor degree of veterinary medicine from Hargeisa University which is a Public university that lies the northern region of M.jeeh . I’m going to pursue my masters degree at your Universities and gonna take biochemistry and molecular biology since my country Somalia and generally my continent Africa is extremely needed for experts who specialized in this Area of medicine . finally you will be highly appreciated if you offer me this great opportunity .

  199. Hello!! First I want to thank you for this good iniative of helping the poor by giving education Wich is the key of succès in life .am interested in your scholarships donation and I wish to hear the best from you and surely you won’t be deceived

  200. My name is Tharcisse MUHOZA I am from Rwanda… I would like to get scholarship and job….


  201. Good afternoon sir/madam my name is Alie Fayiama Kamara from Sierra Leone I will like to study in Australia in the field of technical pluming which I have started in Sierra Leone since 2019 but due to the standard of living and there is no proper expert I will like to study in an advance world and also I have sat my wassce (west Africa secondary school certificate exam) in this year 2019 may I will be great if my application is considered

  202. Will be glad to study and work in Australia. My dream course was. Clinical Health Records.. From Kenya. Amos Letiwa..
    Reach me through. +254717541918

  203. Mwesige Emmanuel from Uganda am great full for the opportunity a corded to me and I look forward doing to attaining my heart desires for the good of my community, country n Africa as a continent. I say thank you.

  204. I humbly wish to apply for this opportunity, Iive in Liberia n also acquired my primary and secondary education in Public administration, major and sociology Minor.

  205. My name is ousmane diallo from Guinea Conakry resident Monrovia Liberia I would like to study and work in Australia my dream is live there thank you my contacts is +231775561449

  206. My name is david manneh i lived in the i want to completed my schooling because i did not have help because i come from a very poor family.
    I really want schooling but no help at all.

  207. My name is Hamisi Selemani Namyundu,Tanzania residence Mtwara.My professional is technology techniques,Please I would request to get full scholarship in technology techniques. +255713329773 faithfully yours

  208. My name is Larion Jumpy,am from The Gambia,am graduating this year as a science student but i want to continue my education career in Australia by the grace of God if possible but my worries are am from a poor background and i will not be able to afford your fee only if you help me

  209. I am Bai Bangura a Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) holder via ACCA .I would like to further my education in Australia if lady luck smiles at my request

  210. Am Mpungu Muluta from Uganda, I would like to get that offer of full busary to persue phd in journalism and media studies.
    I have bachelor’s degree in mass communication from muteesa the fist royal university, am also graduating in November this year for masters of science in journalism and media studies .
    Please, help me .I will be grateful if my request is considered.

  211. Dear Sir/Madam
    my name is HASHAKIMANA Francois Frank from Rwanda wanting to obtain MASTERS Degree in Business Administration in your country which has been my dream for so long based on the economy hardship in my country. I will be waiting to hear from you if God will.

    For more information you contact the following +250788526753/+250727374202

  212. I would love to work and study in Australia. I come from Somalia. My dream is to get well so that I also support others. Thank you very much. My contacts are

  213. Hi I’m Abdullah Mohammed yare I’m from Kenya I’m also a diploma graduate from Mount Kenya university and I want to complete my studies in Australia and I don’t have expense so what can I do please
    I want to you to assist me so that I will fly soon because I’m extremely want Australia education so please do means and ways to help me
    I’m very ready study there
    With that thanks in Advance and I’m waiting you quick response

  214. My name is Mutale Nkhoma from zambia,chirundu residence,wanting to obtain a degree in computer science from your country.I will be waiting for response.For more information my contact(s) are: +260977726315

  215. Am bethran, I Will be glad to be one of the luckiest candidate that will be chanced to the opportunity of scholarship award, that will give me a chance to complete my standard level of education in the university ,

    Thanks for your good response.

  216. My name is Ansu Zuannah Passewe, I have great intreast to study in Australia but I am not financially strong, I am a post undergraduate student. I will highly appreciate your support if given to me. Thanks for your understanding hope to hear from you in the soonest possible time.

  217. Hello My name is Aissatou im from guinnea Conakry im graduated i did English language in business management i would like to work and study in australia my parent cant support me de are very poor i realy need your help as son as possible your Best regard email bahaichou20

  218. My name is Abdulkadir Abdullahi from Somalia. Thanks for sharing this useful information. I would like to be part this amazing opportunity. Please help me in realizing my dream.

  219. Hy um Yvonne Nheta thank you so much for this offer I would like to finish my studies cos no one is willing to help me my parents passed away wen I was grade 6 so I didn’t finish my studies my number is 0775726094

  220. Hello,
    My name is Remmy and I am from Tanzania. I am so glad for the opportunities that you have been giving to students. For me I am a student of Electrical and Biomedical engineering in a diploma level at Arusha technical colege, I really wanted to take my bachelor(udergraduate) in a developed country so I may get wide and variety of knowledge and also to achieve the finest skills of engineering from working on new and advanced technology.
    I want to apply in for scholarship but i cannot see the link, please help me.
    Thank you.

  221. I would like to thank you,may God bless you too.I am clementina mutai from Kenya ,I would request for an opportunity to study and work to the government of Australia,looking forward for your feedback thank you

  222. Arnold Gibrilla kamara from Sierra Leone west Africa, I will like to study in Australia, I have Diploma in social work, I can speak good English as well. If given me this opportunity I will make good uses of it

  223. My name is Wiek Bol Reath, a male South Sudanese residing in Kampala, Uganda.
    Yeah I am interested in scholarship, however, I will immersely appreciate if you can privately contact me through my contacts;

  224. First of all I would like to thank you very much for this opportunity am really interested in it and I really hope to get it and and complete proving my self .

  225. Hi,am valentine from Kenya pursuing procurement,would like to complete my studies and work abroad,please help

  226. I’m Julius R. Jaibartee from Liberia. I’m very much interested in obtaining a scholarship to study in Australia. I’m currently a student of biology at the University of Liberia. My cantacts: +231770477265/ +231881539203

  227. Halow I am anwar h khamis from Zanzibar Tanzania graduated diploma in law I will be expressed to achieve opotunity to study in Australia in llb course my email address is I hope to receive good respond from you thanks

  228. my name Khadija Abdi,I would love to study and work in Australia due to poor background I would wish to get the golden opportunity
    i will be waiting to hear from you InshaAllah ( if God wills )
    For more information contact the following
    from Kenya,nairobi
    i will greatfully waiting for the response

  229. Halow I am anwar h khamis from Zanzibar Tanzania graduated diploma in law I will be empressed to achieve opotunity to study in Australia in llb course my email address is I hope to receive good respond from you thanks

  230. Am Khadija Abdi,I would love to study and work in Australia due to poor background I would wish to get the golden opportunity InshaAllah ( if God wills )
    For more information contact the following;
    i will greatfully waiting for the response
    From Kenya, Nairobi

  231. my name is aciro juliet from northern part of uganda i have a bachealor degree in education i come from a war ragged area seeking for oppotunity to study masters in australia please give me this chance because i will be able to help my communty more after further studies

  232. My name’s Mohamed Esse I live in Hargeisa Somalia.
    I want to living, studying and working in Australia.
    But how can I find about that Opportunity knowledge ?
    I would like to be good leader , person , humanity in Australia.
    I like peace country, people .
    Thanks a lot for this opportunity of education .
    Australia , I hope you success and good lucky ……..

  233. Hi,, am selemani from tanzania,, i would like to pursue masters degree of applief chemistry in one among of your university…please it will be my plessure if you will help me with full funded scholar ship-….thanks

  234. Good morning
    MY name is Roselyn Davies and a 2011 graduate . I wish to have the opportunity to travel and continue my education

  235. Hello, lm Wadson from Malawi, iwant to work and study in Australia can you assist me please cause I can’t manage myself cause im coming from poor family may God bless you for this opportunity in Jesus name Amen

  236. Am byaiguru Andrew from Uganda and I saw adverts on my phone.
    And i was looking for the people who can help me finish my studies,
    I will be happy wen my request is put under your consideration. Thank you!!

  237. My Name is Bill Bannie from Monrovia liberia I am pls to apply for a Electrical engineering Degree, base upon my request I wish to be selected As an applicant. Best regards.

  238. I’M Patrick habamenshi from Rwanda I’m an instructor in mechanical engineering in rwanda polytechnic . I need to reinforce my skills in mechanical because today. I have an advanced diploma in mechanical engineering if possible you can help me . And give me these opportunities.

  239. Dear:Sir/madam My name is Emmanuel sillah I am a high school graduate am from West Africa Liberia is where I am presently am appealing to this organization to please allow me work and study with this organization. This is my contact
    +2318801127005 thanks.

  240. Having seen the adverts in the notifications in my phone. I am glad to find this link for scholarships. I would very much like to work and study in Australia and this will help me extend my experience and studies thank you.
    I would like to request for a scholarship. My joy will be when i will receieve Good news from you

  241. I am kadiemarie Turay am from Sierra Leone.i saw the scholarship advert on my phone on face book,and am interested in the scholarship. Please help me in having this scholarship, i promised to do my best.

  242. Am Studding a diploma course in kenya, electrical engineering (telecommunication option ) but have got fee problem in fee payment any assist please. Am looking forward for your consideration please

    1. Thank you for your advert, I came across it on my phone.Am a Kenyan and interested.I have been searching for a long time,it is pleasure that i have found this.I kindly request you to assist me get an opportunity for scholarship, I believe it will make a positive impact in many lives. Thank you,looking forward to hear from you soon. Philis

  243. I find for work in Australia I’m a good drive I will be happy if I will get the people to help me

    1. My name is Martha T kendema I am a Liberian and I am live in Liberia.i am really interested in the scholarship I pray that I will be selected because I want go to college I will not let you people down if I get there.

  244. I am Grace mugo from Kenya I would like to continue with my studies. God willing If i Wii get the chance in Australia.

  245. Am fully interested in the scholarship program… Am a Sudanese living in a camp in Kenya….
    Am looking forward to getting a positive feedback from you

  246. I am festus prince, I am a citizen of Nigeria, I live in Italy, I see your adverts on my phone, I am a motor panel-beater, I need a scholarship in your organization, To enable me to work and improve my skills on your scholarship, thanks

  247. I’m Fanta L.Keita from Liberia, I have been trying to get opportunity in order to forward my education. I shall be glad when I’m chosen as one of the beneficiaries for this program through your consideration. If I’m chosen for this program, I will do my utmost best to uphold this opportunity. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

  248. Dear sir/Madam
    It has taken a long time when am looking for this opportunity to further my education,am a high school student with West Africa Senior Examination Council Certificate but there is no fee to further my education because I lost my father before I sat my exams.So please I need an help to further my education am from West Africa a country called Sierra Leone.I later joined an institution to do a Catering Course to find something to live on with my Mother, because my Mother is a Petty trader so please i need an help.These are my contacts numbers +23288412008/+23279157514.

  249. Hello am Vvubya Geofrey I commented here I want to come to Australia but have no support and I love to work there and if possible to continue with my academics and I received alink that I have been given an opportunity to study and work there so they told me to accept but have tried but I don’t understand that we my number is +256701180729

  250. My name is Alhaji Umaru Belley Tamara,am from sierra Leone and I have awaiting national diploma and am interested in studying further please any information mail me and this my contact

  251. Hi Mr/miss
    Am kebirungi shamim from Uganda, I kindly request to continue work and study, hair and makeup.
    Thank you.

  252. Have just receive this advert currently in my phone. Am Philip from Kenya studying my diploma course in ICT. Am ready to study and work with you if given the chance.thanks in advance as I look forward for consideration.

  253. Help am Collins from Uganda and am so glad for this opportunity that has come my way and am looking forward to get this scholarship to level up my educa

    qualification will be grateful if my request is put under consideration,thanks…!!!

  254. here foundation iam redwan gali from ethiopia and now the time iam certified with diploma certificate and iam studying economics at one of public university.and if you permitted me to study at your home country Australia without costing or free scholarship iam one the highest provoked guy with your crucial contribition.lastly i hope how u give the opportunity within the required time and iam number to take the required qualification you might expect from the competant.

  255. Hi, My name is Marcus Baddoo from Paynesville, Liberia. I am a young citizen seeking for higher education in Civil or Computer engineer but I have a very high financial problem. I will appreciate if I am accepted as a scholarship student.
    Nest regards.

  256. I’m very interested, I would like to know how to start with the requirements documents

  257. I am a mother with 3 kids can I still be in for this? And I stay from school while in form 6 in the kingdom of Tonga. But I really want to take this scholarship.

  258. Yeah am study CPA in kakuma refugee camp in kenya and now I got a lot of problems as follows: 1 living standard problem (2) school fees problem and insecurity problem and lack of learning materials. So I really need your consideration to help me for education.

  259. Am Beatrice from Malawi am aholder of electrical engineering diploma but i want to continue my educational up to degree in electrical engineer.Please help me to have this opportunity. Best regards.

  260. My name is Joseph K. Mulbah from Liberia west Africa. I am deeply interested in working and studying for my Master in Australia. I will appreciate you affording me this scholarship opportunity.

  261. I wish to greatly submit my application for this chance,,,,I real appreciate when this scholarship is given,,,,

  262. I’m J. Redeemer N. Berry and I want to earn an undergraduate degree in environmental science within this country Australia and I’m a Liberian. I will be willing to hear in sooner possible time thank you

  263. Im high school leaver student in kenya and im currently in somalia so any assistance is highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  264. Am Nalubega Hajara from Uganda, am 28 years old. Last week I saw adverts on my phone.please I need help from you to finish my studies. I will be very happy when my request is put under your consideration. Thank you so much
    God bless you.

  265. Hi sir, I am young Liberian who is playing footballer as a career and also have been interest in studying abroad most especially Australia which is one of my favourite country in football game. I appeals that you help me be one of your candidate to work and study in this beautiful country to improve my education status, because I’m just a high school graduate and also a student of vocational training center studying R/A as technicians. May God Almighty give u long life for creating this opportunity for people like us dream to come true. Please contact #+231 0777299338/0886790625

  266. Am a diploma holder HVAC technology and a kenyan citizen but no job your assistant for me will be highly appreciated.

  267. I would like to continue my studies and working in Australia, I studied Hotel operations but unfortunately in the requirements I have not seen how many points that someone who need to study there must have and I will be happy if I get someone to help ,
    For more details!
    I’m Rwandan
    Thank you!

  268. I,m Augustine wah from Monrovia, Liberia , I have interest in your scholarship to study in Australia in a engineering
    of elevator,,, if accepted please contact me on this #+231777090499/+231886761533

  269. Hi,, my name is Augustine wah from Monrovia, Liberia, I,m interested in your scholarship and work in Australia,, I,m on the field of engineering on elevator,,, please if I accepted contact me on this number# +231777090499/+231886761533

  270. Dear:Sir/madam My name is Shihab Abdul Rahman Mostafa from Sudan
    I just run a way to Libya because of war in my country,I am a high school graduate , my dream is studying Computer science so please allow me work and study with this organization and I will be thankful. This is my contact info

  271. I’m a business personal, precisely a local business, and a high school diploma holder, much interesting to advanced my education in business adminstration, seeking and having a design opportunity in Australia is a lot of help to advanced myself, my country, and many peoples who around the world that are in_ need!!!!! This is my dream and i hope it comes to reality through my application. Thank you and this is Athanasius Bestman from Liberia precisely west Africa.

  272. Am a Sierra Leonean and am looking forward to your organization for scholarship to study in Australia . I am a IT student studying for Information Networking and Software development

  273. Am fatou from Senegal and i was studying in Gambia bt i stop at grade eleven, and came back to Senegal bt still i to further my education leven. Really awesome if you can help me to work and study in Australia

  274. dear sir/madam i am a student at university my 1st year and i want to develop my career. its delight for me to get this important opportunity and i would like to study and work in Australia. if you could help me this opportunity, i promise i will do my best. thanks for your helping poor ones

  275. Dear sir/Madam .
    Am Evelyn Nduta ,A high school graduation . Presently living in kenya.
    I would really appreciate is a had a
    vacant to stady and work under your
    Organisation . Thank you very much .
    Please contact me via. 0799321259.

  276. Dear Sir/madam I’m by names of Asiimwe Geoffrey I’m from East Africa, Uganda is where I am presently, I’m still a secondary school education I can speak above languages
    ENGLISH: Reading, Writing and listening (Good)
    CHINESE : Reading, writing and listening (fair) I’m appealing in this organization to please allow me to work and study with your organization my number +256791843420

  277. Am excited to come across your scholarship opportunity. I hope I may be one of those successful ones to come and in your great country. Wish am not misunderstood here.✓✓

  278. Hello ! My name is Kanaté inza, I am studying English at University Felix Houphouet Boigny of cocody (Côte d’ivoire ). I have the ambition going abroad and continue my studies in order reinforce and serve others. I will be very happy if you help me to grab this opportunity to make my dream comes real. Thanks!

  279. My name is Fulbert Mamy, I am presently in guinea where I studied medicine in french, I am figuring out for my specialty in an english speaking country but I am liberian by origine and I would like to study Tropical and infectious diseases in Australia, so I consider this as a very great opportunity for me, So please help me to obtain it. Thanks

  280. Hi, my name is Susana Tulafono, I am from Kiribati, and I am seeking opportunities if it possible to get a chance to work at the rest home (Age Care) and study related to the Age Care programmes,
    I have qualifications from the University of the South Pacific.

  281. I’m Charry S. T Jackson from Liberia I have been trying to get to from the time I graduated from high school, but because I come from a very poor family I’m not finding my way to higher institutions to achieve my goals, dream and ambitions. I will be very grateful to God and appreciative to you if you can help me achieve my goals.

  282. My name is Mathew Gomez, I just saw your advertisements online which am very much interested. I will be very much grateful if am given the opportunity to further pursue my course in Australia. I will indeed be very much thankful and appreciative if am put into consideration. Thank you.

  283. I am Mr Ebrima Njie from The Gambia. Am a teacher in The Gambia teaching Social and Environment Studies and physical Education. I will be very please if you consider me.

  284. Hi it’s me Anderson. is a great opportunity that opens to us I hope very much to become the chosen one for this unique adventure and unforgettable is better to be reborn again. From #Angola

  285. Am moffat Mpama from Malawi and am studying diploma course, leadership and development studies but have got fee payment problem. Am interested in the scholarship please help me in having this scholarship. I will be glad when I will receive good result from you.

  286. Hello humanitarian Supporters, warm greetings to you. Am Moses Kiyombo from Uganda with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. J humbly request you to assist me to acquire a master’s degree Scholarship in Business Administration in Australia. J wish to study and work in the beautiful atmosphere of Australia. In the journey to achieve a brighter future, am hopeful for your positive response, thank you. My WhatsApp number is +97430531553.

  287. Am akankwatsa Agatha,, I have a diploma in journalism and mass communication,,,am not working and I would wish to study a degree in law once am given a chance,, thanks so much for your support

  288. My name is ilyaas maxamed askar iLife in soomaaliyo ineed scholarship work and study then ineed visa

  289. Am Siyabonga Derrick Ndwandwe am from South Africa i studied IT technical support level 4 i would like to work and study in Australia but am less privillege my

  290. I will like to work in Australia sales man in a supermarket ,I wish this scholarship program we help me to get or go true this

  291. My name is James Rikki Kumeh from Liberia and i would like to be interested in working and studying, so if you guys can help me i will be for ever great full to you guys thanks.

  292. I am Paul Mangao from Papua New Guinea. I am a college Lecturer with a Bachelor of Education majoring TVET. I also have a strong ambition to continue my education and obtain post graduate degree in Education in one of the finest Universities in Australia but funding and sponsorship is one problem. Favoritism and conflict of interest by responsible officers in the Wing of the National Department I am attached for more than (twenty) years is been another contributing factor that kept me struggling for almost ten years. I believe I will have no chances of obtaining a scholarship in Australia if I follow the normal processes of the Public Servants expressing interest for AusAid Scholarships. My application stops at many bus stops and most probably it does not reach the final destination.

    In a length of Ten (10) years, I applied for scholarship and I belief people in this system failed me and deprived my rights to my professional career to obtain my masters and eventually PhD. Please help me secure a scholarship for Masters in Education Majoring Adult Education through both research and coursework so I continue my journey in professional career development.

    Paul Mangao.

  293. My name is xyon abraha I’m an undergraduate student who lives in Eritrea and would like to study psychology with the help of this scholarship.

  294. I had read so deeply and get more information about it how ever I really got moreover interesting I couldn’t enable to fulfill the money that should be needed as i am living refugee camp of djibout so that i am a student currently but I desire to prolong my education cause our school have no school leaving certificate even since it just only completed grade 12and than there is no any other place we can go there so I would like to you accept my request because iam refugee who canot enable to buy this costly of school ,as long as i made more efforts I hope you to give me a chance according to specify needs

  295. I went to work and study in Australia , he was finishing form six and I demand to study faculty of bachelor science of agriculture economics and agrobexnex and he studied hge combination and get division two

  296. I’m Boubacar.i’m very interested with this scholarship for studying and working in Australia…I’m very exciting to see this opportunity.i hope this will be my chance for to increase my competence and skills to be a better Manager for everywhere I shall be asked for.

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