Study In Prague: Tuition Fees, Top Universities & Cost Of Living In Prague

Study In Prague: Tuition Fees, Top Universities & Cost Of Living In Prague

Sit back and Relax as we break in details what it will require to Study in Prague 2019. We also discuss the Cost of living in Prague, the Tuition fees in Prague and much other related information about Prague
Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is the biggest city in the country and home to many historical and cultural attractions. With a population of over 3.4 million spread over an area 496 km² (19 square miles), it is the 14th largest city in Europe.
This highly cosmopolitan city has many things going for it in so far as international students are concerned. For instance, the city is ranked sixth as one of the best destinations to visit worldwide. And as a popular tourist destination, over 6 million people visit the city annually.

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As a matter of fact, it is the 5th most visited city in Europe. With London, Paris, Istanbul, and Rome ranked ahead of it in that order. This makes Prague a place where students would not be short of cultural diversity all year long.

Cultural and historical heritage

International students interested in the study of European history and culture would find Prague one of the best places to live in. This is because the landscape of the city is almost completely about the culture and history of Europe.

There are so many historical buildings one could call the city a living museum. In addition to being a museum with its numerous artifacts dotting the landscape, Prague has over ten actual museums.
To show/underline the cultural and historical significance of Prague, UNESCO since 1992, declared the whole the city center of Prague a World Heritage Site.

Cost of living in Prague

As the capital of the country and an international city, the average cost of living in Prague is a bit higher than the average cost of living in the rest of the country.
For international students, the cost of living would depend on location, and distance from the university. Getting hostel accommodation can greatly reduce the amount one would spend in any given year.
The cost of living in Prague for students can go as high as €5000 per year. The feeding and accommodation take as much as €2000 and £1800 respectively. Other expenses include entertainment, books, and transport which collectively should be about €1000.

Tuition fees in Prague

The tuition for universities in Prague depends on the particular school and the course of study.
On the average tuition ranges from €300 —€13000.
For international students, other fees that must be taken into consideration include

  • Health insurance per year – €225
  • Visa, admission fee, ID card – €120

Students are advised to obtain the International Student Identity Card. The card would allow students to get discounts for various services like cinemas, museums, transport, and exhibitions.
Students can obtain the card from the nearest ISIC office in their home country or go to the official site to get it.

Top 3 Universities in Prague and Tuition

Prague has over 30 standard universities to Study in Prague. This is not surprising for a major European city. Below are the top 3 universities in order of their international ranking.

Charles University

Charles University is the oldest university in Central Europe. It was established in the middle of the fourteenth century by King Charles IV of the Romans and Bohemia.
It is also the most prestigious University in the Czech Republic and a globally recognized brand. Courses in the humanities, science technology and arts are offered and are open to international students from around the world.
Depending on the faculty and program, the tuition ranges between €500 and €15000 per session.

Czech Technical University (CTU)

CTU was established in the 18th century and it is styled as a non-profit educational establishment. CTU is considered one of the premier specialized universities in the Czech Republic and it is also on the list of recognized universities worldwide.
Apart from Prague, it has another campus in the suburb of Llando to accommodate a student population of about 25000. there is also a sizeable number of international students in the school.
The average annual tuition fee for international student range from about €4000 in the Faculty of Architecture for undergraduates to a high of about €5000 for a doctoral degree in the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering

University of Economics

The University of Economics was established in 1953. It is also a globally ranked University with a ranking of the 5th best University in the Czech Republic.
The university has a student enrollment of about 20,000 spread across two campuses. There is also a sizeable number of international students.
They offer undergraduate and post-graduate courses in science and technology, arts and humanities and engineering.
The tuition fee of the University of Economics ranges from about €1800 for a bachelor’s degree in Economics to about €4000 for post-graduate studies per session.

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