10 Best Universities in Washington for International Students 2019

10 Best Universities in Washington for International Students 2019

Owing to the fact that Washington has a number of good universities. Many students have been enrolled in some of these schools.
Many celebrities left these universities and are now leading in successful and admirable lives. Successful people are always determined by the quality of education that was offered to them.
Hence: in response to our previous post on Top 10 Best Colleges In Florida For Biology, you can Follow this guideline below and you will be able to understand better about best universities in Washington.

 University Of Puget Sound

The University of Puget Sound is a private college that mostly deals with liberal arts. It was established in 1888.
The main language of this school is English. Puget Sound is located in North end of Tacoma, Washington, United States of America. Some of the programs offered include Master of Arts in teaching, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Occupation Therapy, Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees, Bachelor of Science and business option courses.
Two thousand, six hundred enrolled students pursue their career in full time. It has over 1000 courses each year.

Western Washington University

This college is among trusted institutions in Washington. It is a public university that was established on 24th February 1893. Apart from being called Western Washington University, this school has more than five other names including New Whatcom Normal School, Washington State Normal School at Bellingham and Western Washington State College.
An enrolled student is approximately 15 thousand while 600 students graduate in every year. The main campus covers an area of 215 acres of land. Western’s logo contains three main colors, Bay Blue, Western Blue, and white. This college is among the best school that you can pursue your career in USA.

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Seattle University

Some people just refer to it as SU. Seattle University is one of the well-performing institutions that are located in Washington. The specific location of this school is First Hill, Seattle, United States of America. There are 75 thousand enrolled students and a total of 3 thousand postgraduates.
This university was ranked the best college in 2015 and that was according to US News and world report. It is also among the best 5th and regional colleges in western countries. Seattle is popular among many learned people for offering degree, masters, PhDs and Doctoral courses.

Seattle Pacific University

Many people are found in a state of not differentiating Seattle Pacific University and Seattle that we have mentioned in number eight above. Seattle Pacific University or just SPU is a private college that normally deals with Liberal arts.
It was found in 1891 during a conference that was held in free Methodist Church. In other words, this conference was like a seminary in USA. Seattle College is a member of a certain organization Known as Christian College Consortium. More than 3000 undergraduate students were recorded in 2015. Its logo colors are Maroon and white.

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 Whitworth University

Whitworth University was found in 1890 and is a liberal art college in Washington. The specific location of this college in Spokane, Washington, united states of America. Whitworth offers the different program in Degree, bachelor, masters, PhDs and Doctorate programs. An academic discipline is also not left out in this popular and amazing school. More than three thousand students are enrolled in every year.
Quality of education in this university is so high. Their mode of conducting lesson is just amazing. Lectures are highly qualified and punctual in performing their work. All credit is offered to the management team and entire official staff. This is one of the Top 10 Best Universities in Washington 2019.

Washington State University

This list could not have been fairly complete without featuring this wonderful college in USA known as Washington State University. This college is trusted for offering quality education among student in USA and other parts of the world. It is a public university that was established on 28th March 1980.
Several students enrolled in this school are pursuing different programs in different departments like masters, bachelor Doctorate and many more. Washington state university has two major colors that are dominating.
They include crimson and Grey. Among other best performing schools in Washington, this one cannot be left out.

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Digipen Institute of Technology

Let us now feature on Digipen Institute of technology. It takes position four on this article having met all requirement needed. This school is among the best performing institution that parents trust most for their children’s education. Digipen college offers bachelor, master and doctorate programs.
Population turns up is not too high compared to other universities that we have discussed above. Official academic stuff is only 77 while undergraduate students add up to 1000. Digipen was ranked among the top 50 best computer science and engineering school in America. This was according to business insider news of USA.

Gonzaga University

Gonzaga College is a major contribution to my article. With all the research that I conducted, this good school deserves to be in the 3rd position of my article. It can be described as Christian College due to its motto that says for the greater Glory of God. Established on 17th September 1887,
Gonzaga is a private and non-profit school hence valuing future and destinies of students. It is based on the Catholic background. Father Joseph Cataldo is CEO and founder of Gonzaga that is now among best universities to study in Washington.

Whitman College

Whitman is a liberal arts college in Washington specifically located in Walla Walla. This is a four-degree granting institution. It stands in the second position of my article with quality features of quality education.
To date, 14 presidents have been leading Whitman College. There are so many alumni who are celebrities such as Neil Kornze (bachelor of Politics, 2000) currently director of US bureau. Different degree and master program courses are offered here at Whitman College.

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University of Washington

This is one of the oldest universities in Washington. This school is commonly referred to as UW. It was found in 1861 and with a motto stating that let there be light.
The University of Washington has more than 5 thousand employed official staffs. Administrative staffs are more than 16000. The number of undergraduate students is more than enrolled students.
Covering an area of 703 acres, Washington University has maintained its reputation ever since it was established.

Those are Top 10 Best Universities in Washington 2019. This article is important to those students that are through with high school level and are yet to decide on which university to settle. Parents are also equipped with full information of what to choose for their children.

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