Study in Wales: Cost of Study, Cost of Living, Scholarships and Admission

Cost of Study, Cost of Living, Scholarships, and Admission

Studying in Wales is an excellent choice for students seeking quality education across all fields of life which makes it very necessary that the students know about the Cost of Living in Wales, Admission requirements, Cost of Study in Wales and Scholarships in Wales. Wales, with her breath-taking mountains and coastal locations, has a very rich culture that trickles down to the quality of education. Wales has 12 educational institutions that are respected worldwide by employers thus ensuring that students who study here get nothing short of top quality and world-class education.
Like icing on a cake, the top quality education provided here in Wales is also affordable. The aspiring student need not break a bank to get a university education in Wales. In this write-up, we are going to hint you on how to get affordable and top quality education in any of the universities in Wales, UK.
Furthermore, we are going to hint you on how to secure admission into these universities, as well as the cost of living, not also forgetting to give you hints on how to apply for various courses of study in these universities.
This article is meant to make you take proper decision on whether to choose to study in Wales or not. But we believe you will love this after going through the Cost of Living in Wales, Admission requirements, Cost of Study in Wales and Scholarships in Wales.

Admission requirements

To secure admission into any of the universities in Wales for a degree program, you are expected to possess college credit or have 2 years working experience in a related field before the time you are applying for admission into that course of study. The particular course of study you are interested in will decide the specific subjects you must have passed in entrance examinations.
However, all students applying for any course in any of the universities in Wales must have, in addition to the two points mentioned above, graduated from high school with good grades. The grades you are required to present are determined by your course of study.
It is also interesting to note that the application is processed multiple times in a year.

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How to apply

You can now apply for university education in Wales online or by post. Most universities in Wales have an online portal to apply for any course of study. During the application process, you will be required to submit various documents, like your post-secondary or high school certificates, diploma certificate and your transcript. Getting your transcript across to the university authorities earlier will ensure faster processing of your application.
Some institutions may prefer to have the application form downloaded then sent via email or print. Pay attention to the specific instructions of the school as this will help prevent any error on your part.
In certain instances, some universities will request that your former school or the school you are transferring from, send the transcript directly to them instead of sending it through you. You will, therefore, have to contact your former school and impress it on them the need to send the transcript across fast enough.

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Tuition Fee in Wales

The course of study and the university you have chosen determine how much you end up paying as tuition fee. Make sure you check the tuition fee of your particular institution of choice before you go ahead with the application.
It is imperative to note that tuition fees are subject to change from one academic session to the other. As of 2016, an EU student seeking admission into any of the universities in Wales paid an average of £9,000. This also applies to Wales nationals. International students are however charged differently.
You can check your university website to ascertain the tuition fees for the particular year that you are seeking admission. The institutions will also state other fees that the student is expected to pay on their website. If you prefer to apply for finance, you can only do this as soon as the academic cycle begins. As a result, there will be an assurance that funds are available for you once your studies begin. The level of support you will have access to can be slightly different if you have done any other higher education course before applying for an academic program in any university in Wales.

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There are several scholarships in Wales and universities offering scholarship programs and part-financing to students in Wales. The application process is very easy and sometimes can be given based on nationality or excellent grades.
However, you cannot apply for any of the scholarships in Wales except your admission request has already been granted by the university. Some of the scholarship programs in Wales are also restricted to particular courses of study. Check if your chosen course of study is among those covered by the particular scholarship.
Some of these institutions also offer special scholarship programs to outstanding students, especially those in their second year of studies at the universities who can’t afford their Cost of Study in Wales.
In addition, students will have access to tuition fee loans. The amount you can have access to as tuition fee loan is determined by your nationality. If you are from Wales, you can access loan from £3,900. Different rules apply to those from other countries. You will be required to pay back the loan gradually after you have graduated. You will not be required to start paying back unit you are earning up to £21,000 per annum.
Instead of loans, you may also have access to education grant, which you do not have to pay back. Those applying for any graduate program can also benefit from such an education grant. When applying for the loan or grant, you are required to provide your proof of identity and the school authority must also certify you as qualified for the loan or grant.

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Cost of living in Wales

If you are living in any of the halls of residence, your cost of living in Wales will range between £5,418 and £8,820. If you are living in private accommodation, however, your cost of living will be about £4,788. It is generally advisable to utilize the accommodation provided by the university especially if you’re an international student because the cost of utilities is included in the accommodation fees.
Wales may be a small country when compared with its Scottish and English neighbors but it makes up for this by having a rich heritage, large sense of community and scenic landscapes. Art students will be exceptionally thrilled to study in Wales because of the inspiration the ambiance provides. You can join over 8,000 international students in making the right choice by studying in Wales today.

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