Study In Australia:Top 4 Veterinary Science Universities; Tuition and Cost of Living

Study In Australia: Top 4 Veterinary Science Universities; Tuition and Cost of Living

Do you want to study Veterinary medicine in Australia? Know what you need to know on the Top 4 veterinary science universities in Australia, their tuition fees and cost of living.
Veterinary medicine is that branch of medical science which deals with everything related to the health of animals. Veterinarians treat animals the way doctors go about the business of handling human health issues.
People with a great passion for animals or people who hate seeing animals suffer might just consider going into that branch of Medicine. Qualified Veterinarians are in high demand in most parts of the world. As a career choice, it can be very fulfilling.

More on Study Veterinary Medicine In Australia: Top Universities, Tuition And Cost of Living In Australia

And what better place to start than to choose the best universities offering courses in Veterinary medicine. Australia is a popular destination for students wishing to study abroad. The country has some of the best universities in the world.
Some of these world-class universities also have standard courses leasing to a degree in veterinary medicine.

Cost of Living in Australia

The cost of living in Australia largely depends, as with other places, the location and lifestyle. Generally, though, the pattern is that the cost of living in big cities is higher than in relatively smaller cities.
However, the rates below would give the average cost of living especially for students intending to study in Australia.

  • Hostels and Guesthouses – $90 to $150 per week
  • Shared Rental – $85 to $215 per week
  • On campus – $90 to $280 per week
  • Homestay – $235 to $325 per week
  • Rental – $165 to $440 per week
  • Boarding schools – $11,000 to $22,000 a year
  • Groceries and eating out – $80 to $280 per week
  • Gas, electricity – $35 to $140 per week
  • Phone and Internet – $20 to $55 per week
  • Public transport – $15 to $55 per week
  • Entertainment – $80 to $150 per week


List of top 4 Veterinary schools in Australia

Below is a list of universities to study veterinary medicine in Australia. The list is arranged in numerical order. That is, the best is first on the list and so forth.

  • University of Sydney Faculty of Veterinary Science
  • University of Melbourne Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences
  • Murdoch University College of Veterinary Medicine
  • University of Queensland School of Veterinary Sciences

University of Sydney Faculty of Veterinary Science

The Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney is the premier Veterinary science school in Australia. The updated global ranking of the school puts it as the 11th best University to study if you want to become a Veterinary doctor.
Located in two campuses in Darlington and Camden, the school accepts international students to study full time.

  • Duration of course – 4 years
  • English language – Must pass IELTS and TOEFL
Tuition Fees

For first-year international students, the veterinary medicine tuition fee is 60,000 Australian dollars(AUD )/per year.
The fee is also dependent on the calendar year one registers and the credit load. The implication is that the fee is adjusted every year to reflect the credit load.

University of Melbourne Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences

The Veterinary College of the University of Melbourne styles itself as the first graduate-entry Veterinary school in the country.
In terms of global rankings, the faculty is placed 15th and international students are accepted.
International students wishing to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine must already be in possession of a Bachelor of Science degree from a recognized institution. The course is not available for part-time students.

  • Duration of course – 4 years
  • Language – English language IELTS and TOEFL
Tuition fee

The tuition is $272,952 AUD for the duration of the course (4 years). This is the maximum cumulative tuition fee. Depending on workload in certain years, the cumulative fee could be less than that.
However, for a typical year, the tuition fee is $63,328 AUD/per year.

University of Queensland School of Veterinary Sciences

The School of Veterinary Sciences of the University of Queensland was established in 1936. It journey towards excellence has led to the 33rd best veterinary school in the world and the third best according to the updated global rankings
Undergraduate and Post-graduate courses are offered to both local and international students.

  • Duration – 5 years for a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary science
  • Language – English, high score in all categories of IELTS
Tuition Fee

The Veterinary medicine tuition fee per session is $57,248 AUD. However, the fee is dependent on the workload. So it could be more or less than that.
For the fees applicable to other programs in the school, check the website.

Murdoch University College of Veterinary Medicine

The Murdoch University College of Veterinary Medicine was one of the foundation courses of the University. The first set of students graduated in 1976 and has gone on to graduate over 2000 Veterinary doctors.
The Murdoch University School of Veterinary Medicine is the fourth best school offering Veterinary courses in Australia. The global ranking of the school is 41.
The Veterinary Medicine tuition fees payable by international students depends on the following factors:

  • Your citizenship and the type of visa you hold
  • Course type
  • Your credit load for each semester.

The university administrators have made it easier to calculate how much each student has to pay. Use this link to get to the fee calculator to see how it is done.


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