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Savannah State University

Savannah State University is public, 4 or more years school located in Savannah, Georgia. The 2019 undergraduate tuition & fees of Savannah State University are $5,743 for Georgia residents and $16,204 for out of State students and the 2019 graduate school tuition & fees are $5,306 for State residents and $14,846 for others.

Savannah state university is the oldest historic black college in the state.

Savannah state university majors in accommodating students who are ready to demonstrate a higher level of economic productivity, social responsibility and excellence in the workplace they’ve selected in this changing world community. The University is a member of the Marshall Thurgood College Fund.
Savannah has three colleges and universities:

  • The Business College
  • The College of Libra arts and Social Sciences
  •  The College of Science and Technology (OGSSR).

About Savannah State University

Savannah State University as an institution major also in research centers and programs for educational, training and educational centers; Center for Entrepreneurship in Savannah; Midtown Project; Regional Engineering Program with the Georgia Institute of Technology (GTREP); ”
it also Cooperates in the integration of research and education in the field of marine and biological sciences, ecology, and biotechnology” with the Institute of Oceanography in Georgia.

The Oversight is provided by the University System of Georgia, the organizational body that sets goals and dictates the general policy to all public educational institutions in the state.
Savannah is funded by the state of Georgia and this institution has become a government,  research grants, scholarship funds (including the Thurgood Marshall scholarship fund and the Tom Joyner Foundation) and alumni donations.
The University of Georgia system is administered by the Georgian Regency Council and provides public funds (provided by the state senator) to the state of Savannah, with the exception of scholarships provided by the HOPE lottery.
The size of the university is 2,433,508 US dollars.
In the fiscal year 2005, the college budget was $ 42,155,964. In February 2006, the university received $ 7,725,311 for research, education, government services, and grants.
Savannah State University tuition was founded on August 30, 1890, when Morrill signed the second land law. The law forces the states and borders of the South to build a “world” for black students.
Because their institutions are separated. On November 26, 1890, the General Assembly of Georgia established the State University of Georgia. The temporary school was held at Backster Street School in Athens under the direction of Richard R. Wright.
After working for several months in Athens in 1891, the university moved to the eternal seat of Savannah on October 7, 1891. Wright was the first president. The school has five teachers. Eight of his students completed the first Augusta secondary school.  This college first awarded a bachelor’s degree in 1898.
In 1921, the first female student was recognized as a student. In 1928, the university became a four-year school that graduated from high school and a regular curriculum.
Public schools, in general, were established in many countries in the nineteenth century to educate primary school teachers.
As the city expands in the United States, and the problem of teaching 4 million children continues, it was needed to create new schools and new teachers for north and south. The country uses regular schools to train primary school teachers and sometimes secondary schools.
Schools or universities usually have a program of two to three years. Gradually, a normal school is either transformed into a higher education institution filled with a four-year curriculum or is secluded.
With the growth of graduates and research programs, the University Council of Georgia in 1996 turned the State University of Savannah into a state university, and its name was Savannah State University.
Savannah State University was the first institution to provide educational programs for national security in Georgia. It is the second institute of the University of Georgia system and provides wireless Internet access for students throughout the university.
The enrolled students may choose from 23 accredited undergraduate baccalaureate and 5 graduate master’s degree programs which are offered through the university’s colleges.
This great University has developed new partnerships that expand the range of programs and resources for students. And taking advantage of its location on the coast, and the university’s Marine Biology Department operates two research vessels:
The famous R/V Sea Otter (a 35 ft (11 m),  twin diesel vessel owned by NOAA ), and the R/V Tiger (a 22 ft (6.7 m),  outboard
work boat).
In the fall of 2007, Savannah State merged with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to offer a new dimensional course in environmental regulations, so that students can deepen understanding of policy and implementation issues.
The program evidently helps them learn about specific environmental topics.

Savannah State University Scholarship 

There are some scholarships available for any student who plies his or trade in this reputable institution:
Scholarship awards are dependent upon different criteria and do not require repayment.
Obvious financial need, academic achievements, and state of residency constitution of the criteria used for selecting recipients.

Georgia Hope Scholarship

The Georgia Hope scholarship in Georgia is supported by the Georgia Lottery. HOPE scholarship includes training for students who are enrolled in a degree from a technical college or university.
To apply for this scholarship, secondary education must be completed with an average of 3.0 points (up to 10 points) in a pre-university. You are not eligible for a HOPE scholarship after seven years of high school or equivalent.
Students who received awards for 2010-2011, will be able to enter by June 30, 2015, regardless of the date of completion. Active periods of military service are not counted for seven years.
Students who are untraditional can apply for a scholarship after receiving a GPA of 3.0 after 30 credit hours of study. These programs are recalculated after 30, 60, and 90 semester hours.

Currently, you must maintain a 3.0 to maintain your desired scholarship. Scholarships are limited to 127 hours during the scholarship period. Students can receive HOPE scholarships only once. Alliance with Zell Miller scholarship should not exceed 127 times.
In addition, Hope scholarships, Gel Miller grants/scholarships and Accel scholarships (spring 2011) may not exceed 127 credits.

Zell Miller Scholarship

This scholarship opportunity is funded by the Georgia lottery.
The Zell Miller Scholarship covers, and takes care  100% of tuition for students who are the Valedictorian or Salutatorian for their graduating class; or received a score of at least 1,200 combined critical reading score and math score on a single administration of the SAT.  or an ACT.
A composite scale score of at least 26 and graduated from high school with at least a 3.7 calculated GPA.
The students must be enrolled in a degree program. The students must have a 3.3 GPA at all checkpoints (30, 60 and 90 semester hours), and at the end of Spring and at the end of 3 part-time terms for beginning students.
Students who lose their rights can regain the scholarship once. Students who have lost a Zell Miller scholarship may continue to receive the desired scholarship if they meet the requirements. Degrees obtained in higher education institutions are calculated in the calculations of GPA.
This encouraging schola should not exceed 127 hours. In addition, Hope scholarships, Gel Miller grants/scholarships and Accel scholarships (spring 2011) may not exceed 127 credits.

Ssu Foundation Scholarship

The University Scholarship Program is designed to provide encouragement and public recognition to students who have demonstrated academic excellence. The program is supported by generous contributions from individuals, organizations, corporations, and foundations. Scholarships range from $500 to $5,000 per year. In the last few years, the number of scholarships has increased dramatically.
There are now over 200 separate funds which provide approximately 400 distinct scholarship awards. Sonoma State University is a partner college of TheDREAM.US, which provides scholarships to students newly admitted to SSU.
Applicants must qualify under either Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) or Temporary Protection Status (TPS) and must be eligible for a waiver of non-resident tuition under AB540. The primary criterion for awards from the University Scholarship Program is an outstanding scholarship. Restrictions apply to some awards, e.g., residence, major, etc.
Your accurate completion of the scholarship application form will ensure you are considered for every scholarship for which you qualify. Various academic departments and athletic programs provide scholarships and talent awards which are not part of the University Scholarship Program.
You should contact the appropriate office to find out about these awards and how to apply for them. Students with financial need should also apply to the Financial Aid Office.

Outside Scholarships

Many students are being notified of scholarships and/or tuition benefits from outside private and non-profit institutions, corporations, or organizations.  The Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment is the clearinghouse for these funds.
Outside scholarships or tuition benefits will reduce the self-help component (loans and work component) of your financial aid package, but will not reduce the family contribution. If all the self-help support in your award is canceled, in some cases, the Cornell grant aid may need to be reduced or canceled as well.

Savanna State University Tuition And Cost Of Living

Official Tuition Fee For Savannah State University Students:

Tuition & Fees

savannah state university tuition and fees 2019 Tuition and fee payable rates are established by the University System of Georgia Board of Regents.
Tuition Rates (Per Credit Hour)UNDERGRADUATE GRADUATE In-State:$165.20 $196.00  Out-Of-State:$601.07 $726.00

Housing Costs

On-campus room and board that is provided by the school at a cost of $7,592 per academic year. The Students electing to live off campus elsewhere in Savannah should budget at least this amount.

Books and Supplies

The estimated established annual cost for books and supplies is $1,600.

Other Living Expenses

If living on-campus, students should plan for $2,064 in additional living expenses.
The Off-campus students should plan for $2,308 in other miscellaneous living expenses.


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