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Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States

Looking for Study Abroad opportunities at USA Institute of technology Massachusetts(MIT)? The world scholarship forum team have put together all you need to know about the MIT scholarships available to international students who wish to pursue an undergraduate, masters and Ph.D. study in the institution.
Founded in 1861, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) is the best university in the world according to a popular rating organization, World University Rankings 2016-2017, a title it has regularly claimed over the last few years. it’s achieved the maximum score across all categories, including research, employability, teaching, facilities, internationalization, innovation, specialist criteria, and inclusiveness.
MIT is also the best university in the world for a number of subjects including, but not limited to, architecture, linguistics, computer science and information systems, engineering and technology, chemistry, mathematics, economics, and econometrics.
Based in Cambridge, MIT’s labs and classroom continue to deliver pioneering research into the world’s most pressing issues, such as cancer therapy, identity politics, global engagement, energy, public service, and industry.

What does MIT specialize in?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers degree programs in a wide range of disciplines, with a mission that focuses on science and technology disciplines. According to MIT registrar data for autumn 2016, by far the largest school in the institution is the School of Engineering.
At that time, more than 5,700 of the university’s 11,300 students were enrolled at the engineering school. The nearest major school at MIT is the School of Science, closely followed by the Sloan School of Management.

Is it hard to get into MIT?

Yes. According to US data, MIT’s acceptance rate for first-year students was 8% in the fall of 2016. This means that less than every tenth candidate has been admitted. MIT does not use the usual application, so aspiring students must apply through the university’s website. MIT offers both entry-level candidates and fast, regular turnaround times, and its website states that a quick job does not give applicants an advantage in getting admission.

When does MIT release admissions decisions?

According to the MIT website, aspiring first-year students applying an early intervention will be notified by the Admissions Office in mid-December. Candidates who choose the term for the common stock will receive a decision in mid-March. Students must decline or accept their admission offer by May 1st.

MIT Scholarships 2019

MIT scholarships are awarded based on financial need and come from endowed funds, gifts from MIT alumni and friends, and general MIT funds. You are automatically considered for an MIT scholarship if you apply for financial aid and fill out the CSS PROFILE.
Scholarship recipients must submit an annual Student Information Review Form to provide us with information about your background, interests, and experiences so that we may match you with the right scholarship. We will contact you when we need this form.
Our scholarship donors take an interest in learning about their scholarship recipients, so we may ask you to write your donor to share your experiences and thank them for their support.
 MIT scholarships are geared towards helping students to achieve their desired degrees from the university. A wide variety of merit-based and competitive scholarships and fellowships are available for a second year and incoming students.
But for incoming students, these scholarships are only granted after a thorough review process which is totally independent of acceptance. All students are allowed to avail the scholarships and fellowships offered as per their merit and eligibility, except MIT Public Service Center Fellowships and Legatum Fellowship as both these fellowships are granted by respective organizations.
Scholarships are the types of funding that are offered to cover all your educational expenses and you don’t need to repay the funds awarded. But, there are certain criteria on the basis of which MIT Scholarships are granted to incoming and second-year students.
Scholarships are granted based on financial need, academic merit, and grants, however, at MIT need-based grants are also offered to undergraduate students as scholarships. Both graduate and undergraduate students can avail the scholarships, but fellowships are mainly granted to graduates and grants are awarded to undergraduate students.
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World Scholarship Forum popular searched scholarships you can utilize in 2019

MIT scholarships Funding

Funds for MIT Scholarships basically gathered from two sources, Institute funds which can be utilized for any purpose and charitable gifts to MIT. Alumni and donors provide funds to university for scholarship programs, which they invest as a part of MIT’s endowment so that the institute can help graduates and undergraduates for generations. The university currently has over thousands of this gift and endowed funds.
There are wide varieties of undergraduate and graduate programs offered at MIT and for each program scholarship is available. So, students need to contact the appropriate department to avail financial aid for their education and find out the appropriate MIT Scholarship program for which they are eligible. The scholarships and fellowships are available for all incoming and second-year students that they can avail to complete their graduation and undergraduate programs from MIT Sloan with ease.

MIT Scholarships for Undergraduates

Any incoming national or international students applying for MIT undergraduate financial aid become automatically eligible for MIT Scholarships and federal grants. However, students need to apply separately for private or outside scholarships and MIT Scholarships and state grants.
MIT Scholarships for undergraduate students are awarded directly by the university based on the financial need of the students. There are four different scholarship programs including:

  • MIT scholarships
  • Federal grants
  • State scholarships
  • Outside or private scholarships 

Getting an undergraduate scholarship

Students who are interested in availing undergraduate MIT Scholarships need to apply for MIT financial aid each year of their semester. The university grants financial aid to all undergraduate students on the basis of their financial need.
If any student qualifies for MIT financial aid, then automatically they are eligible for MIT Scholarship for undergraduate study.
The scholarship received by the undergraduates comprises the amount up to the price minus the self-help level and the sum of the expected family contribution.

MIT Scholarships for Graduate Students

The traineeships or scholarships awarded to graduate students cover partial or full tuition fees and even offer a handsome stipend to the students to defray their living expenses. The graduate scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need, academic merit, and few other crucial factors. The funds for the scholarships are mainly provided by corporations and donors to the university so that they can grant it to outstanding students to cover their education expenses. Moreover, some government foundations and agencies also provide scholarships and fellowships to excellent graduate students directly for use at institutions or to the institutions so that they can administer the funds on behalf of the students.

How to get MIT scholarships for Graduation 

If you are enrolled in any MIT Graduate program and seeking financial aid in the form of MIT scholarship, traineeship or fellowship, then simply check the correct items present on the regular graduate application for admission and financial aid. Moreover, any students enrolled in MIT for advanced degree program then they are automatically considered for any awards for which they are eligible. Students may consult the appropriate department of the university to collect further information about MIT Scholarships for graduates.

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MIT Fellowships

There is a variety of fellowships available both for permanent U.S Citizens and other international students that they can avail to support their MBA Program at MIT Sloan. Most of these awards and fellowships are offered on the basis of need and merit. You may check the list of fellowships available for students at, List of Fellowships.
Go through the complete information on MIT Scholarships.


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