Marywood University Tuition: Scholarships and Costs of Living.

Marywood University Tuition: Scholarships and Costs of Living.

The Marywood University is obviously a co-educational, Catholic liberal arts-oriented university located on a 115-acre (0.47 km 2 ) campus in Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States, and within the Diocese of Scranton. This institution was established in 1915 by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Marywood University currently enrolls more than 3,400 students in a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs.
The institution has a national arboretum with more than 100 types of trees and shrubs.
The Marywood’s Catholic identity together with its mission to educate students to “live responsibility in an interdependent world” equips students to be socially responsible agents of change.

About Marywood University

The Sisters known as the Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary came to Scranton, Pennsylvania, and opened St. Cecilia’s Academy in 1878 “for the young ladies”.
The Mount St. Mary’s Seminary was established in 1902.

The famous Mother Cyril Conroy, superior in 1901, consciously chose the term “seminary” (roughly equivalent to a high school in present times) to seclude the suggestion of a finishing school, which was a much more simple destination at that time for older girls who could afford to continue their education, as it was planned to be “a place where young scholars invest themselves to serious study”. The famous Motherhouse was co-located with the seminary.
The buildings suffered major damage during a fire outbreak in the 1970s. As a result, the Jesuit Scranton Preparatory School, and then a boys’ school, became coeducational to accommodate the girls.
The vintage arch, now known as “Memorial Arch”, which stood at the door to the seminary-cum-motherhouse, and still it stands on the present-day campus and the former seminary’s name can be seen boldly encrypted on it. This seminar is the next step to the sister’s final appointment goal: a school for women in Scrothon.
Meridud College opened with 34 students and a mother Germaine O’Neill as chairman and treasurer. This is the fifth Catholic university for women in the United States. The first group of students graduated in 1919 with a bachelor’s of arts bachelors of science and bachelors of letters.
Until the 1930s, the university changed its curriculum and subjects from the social sciences into medical science. In 1937, the Sisterhood refused to reunite with the St. Thomas College. St. Thomas later came under the administration of the Jesuits that is after World War II and is now the University of Scranton.


The Marywood university courses are administered through four degree-granting colleges, with clear 60 bachelor’s degree, and 36 master’s degree. Also two doctoral degrees, and two terminal degrees by the program (MFA, Ed.S.).
Every student is expected to complete a core curriculum in the liberal arts in addition to the courses in their major.
Also, Undergraduates may also participate in double majors honors, with an independent study program, practicals, internships, with study abroad, encompassing Army and Air Force ROTC programs.

Marywood University Athletics

marywood-university-atheletics (1)
marywood-university-atheletics (1)
Marywood University is a school of NCAA Division III and a member of the conference in the East Atlantic. The official name is Marywood Pacers. They participate in baseball, basketball, cross, ice hockey, golf, lacrosse, football, softball, swimming and diving, tennis and volleyball.
Marywood also announced in 2014 the list of sports colleges that will be expanded to athletics. Students can choose from more than 30 campus programs, including sports clubs, fitness clubs, entertainment, and activities.

Financial Aid and Scholarships at Marywood University

Marywood University offers a variety of scholarships and aids to help students meet their educational needs.

marywood-university-financial-aid (1)
marywood-university-financial-aid (1)
Scholarships are based on the student’s academic portfolio presented at the time of admission and will be completed on January 31st.
Many scholarships are available in this institution including the university funded scholarships, and some other scholarships from outside donors.
Additional information on financing your Marywood education.
Check Eligibility

Some Available University Funded Scholarships

Trustees Scholarships

Award Amount: This scholarship offers $22,000 for Freshman and $15,000 for Transfer
University of Marywood scholarship is offered to students with outstanding academic achievements. The University of Marywood uses a number of factors to assess admission, including SAT or ACT scores, high school grades, and completion.
Students receiving this scholarship usually earn an average of SAT 1208 (ACT 26) and a GPA of 3.89. Fresh and transferred students can benefit from this price.

  • Transferred Students should pay attention to the benefits and the level of payment.
  • As a rule, transferred students should have a minimum CGPA of 3.50 after they finish high school. This scholarship recipient must
  • Study full time, and maintain an average score of 3.00 CGPA.

This scholarship is designed to support students up to 8 semesters.

Centennial Scholarship

Marywood University popular Centennial financial aid which singles out students who typically achieved an average SAT of 1106 (Critical Reading and Math) even ACT of 24 and average high school GPA of 3.69.
Both freshmen and transfer students are eligible for consideration for these awards; and for transfer students, performance on the postsecondary level is taken into consideration, definitely.
Winners of this scholarship must be full-time and should maintain an average QPA of 2.75. The scholarship is planned to support undergraduate studies up to a maximum of eight (8) semesters.
Award Amount: This scholarship offers $20,000 for Freshman and $12,000 for Transfer students.

Dean Scholarship

Deccan scholarships are awarded to an average of 1029 students (critical reading and math) or 22 ACT and 3.41 secondary schools CGPA.
Freshman and transport students can benefit from this price. Transfer to student’s high school results art put into considerations.
Beneficiaries, must study full time and maintain an average QPA of 2.50. This scholarship is designed to support students up to 8 semesters.
Award Amount: This scholarship offers $18,000 for Freshman and $10,000 for Transfer students.

Success Scholarships

The University of Marywood Prize helps students who receive an average of 955 n SAT(critical and mathematical readings) or ACT 20 and GPA 3.10.
This condition is consistent with freshman and transfer students, second-class services are considered. This scholarship recipient must maintain an average of 2.99 CGPA. This scholarship is designed to support students up to 8 semesters.
Award Amount: This scholarship offers $15,000 for Freshman and $8,000 for Transfer students.

Opportunity Award

The University of Marywood awards is available to the student who has demonstrated academic ability. An average of 932 SAT score (important reading and mathematics) or ACT (19 and 2 GPA 2.60). Beginners can win this award. This scholarship
recipient must maintain an average CGPA of 2.50 studying full time. This scholarship is designed to support students up to 8 semesters.
Award Amount: This scholarship offers $14,000 for Freshman Only.

Siblings Award

If two or more dependents are registered with the University of Marywood as full-time students in the same semester, the selected member will be offered a scholarship. Or specifically, the second member of the same family receives a siblings scholarship, even of other brothers and sisters have completed the graduate category of Marywood.
However, if the candidate finally stops or falls, the price will be deprived. Two or more brothers and sisters who study only in the postgraduate levels will not receive the award.
Students who are already on benefits from their firms and other donors cannot be considered the Siblings Marywood.
Award Amount: This scholarship offers $1,500 – $3,000 level notwithstanding.
To know more about the scholarships associated with this institution and its application route contact:
Financial Aid
85 Liberal Arts Center
F: 570-961-4589
To know other scholarships available in this institution is visit:

Undergraduate Tuition

The Tuition for Marywood University is $32,190 for the academic year on average.
This is 16% more expensive than the regional average private non-profit four-year college tuition of $27,755.
The cost is believed to be 21% more expensive than the average Pennsylvania tuition which is $26,599 for 4-year colleges.
This Tuition fee ranks 80th in Pennsylvania amongst 4-year colleges for affordability and is the 50th most expensive 4-year college in the state. This price does not vary by residence.
The school itself charges an additional fee of $1,750 in addition to tuition bringing the total effective in-state tuition to $33,940.

Housing Costs

On-campus room and a board are made available by the school at a cost of $13,900 per academic year.
The students electing to live off campus elsewhere in Scranton should estimate at least this amount.

Books and Supplies

marywood-university-bookstore (1)
marywood-university-bookstore (1)
The statistically estimated annual cost for books and supplies is $1,000.

Other Living Expenses

If you’re living on-campus, you should budget for $1,500 in additional living expenses. Off-campus students should budget for $1,700 in other unexpected living expenses.

Total Costs 

The annual tuition fee and living expense estimated to go to Marywood was $50,340 for an academic year. This is common for all students regardless of Pennsylvania residence status as there is no in-state discount.

Estimated Budgets

Pennsylvania Resident Total Budget $50,340

  • In-State Tuition $32,190
  • Other Fees $1,750
  • Room and Board $13,900
  • On-Campus Other Budget $1,500
  • Books and Supplies $1,000

Non-Resident Total Budget $50,340

  • Out-of-State Tuition $32,190
  • Other Fees $1,750
  • Room and Board $13,900
  • On-Campus Other Budget $1,500
  • Books and Supplies $1,000

Direct costs for basic expenses and estimates for other expenses
Scholarship Information

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