Konkuk University Acceptance Rate & Tuition Fees in 2019-2020

Konkuk University Acceptance Rate & Tuition Fees

Are you looking forward to Study in Asia? Do you wish to study in Korea? Do you wish to study at Konkuk University in Korea? If you answered yes to the questions, we encourage you to read on as this article was written to provide insight about Konkuk University for you. This page details all you need to know about Konkuk University acceptance rate, Konkuk University tuition fees, courses, international programs and many more.
Konkuk University is a private teaching and research university founded in 1931. The University currently runs two campuses located in Seoul and Chungju.
The Seoul Campus which is considered to be the main campus has 11 undergraduate colleges and 13 graduate programs while the Chungju campus runs 4 undergraduate and graduate colleges.
The University is also one of the largest private Universities in Korea with over 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students admitted across it faculties which has over 2,500 academic staff strength.
Konkuk University is currently one of the leading Universities in Korea and at Asia at large having successfully conducted impeccable academic programs over the years since its inception. The University known for academic excellence welcomes students from around the world as well as having scholarship opportunities in place to support local and international students.
Konkuk University acceptance rate is often talked about by students hoping to secure offers into one of its programs and we at world scholarship forum have conducted a painstaking search to provide helpful insight about this subject.
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Konkuk University Acceptance Rate

Like several other Universities around the world, Konkuk University acceptance rate varies widely each year. The acceptance rate of the University has been high in some years and in other years, the acceptance rate has been said to low.
But averagely, the acceptance rate at the University is considered to be high when compared to other private universities around the world. To gain admission into the University, applicants must ensure to have attained high academic grades to in order to beat the competition among applicants.

Konkuk University Tuition

Konkuk University Tuition fee varies for undergraduate and graduate students. The Konkuk University tuition fee for undergraduate studies study is currently $7,000 per annum while the tuition fee for graduate studies doubles at $14,000 per annum.
For more information about the tuition fee for the various courses at the University please refer to the official University website through the link

Konkuk University Admission

Are you an international student seeking to secure admission into one of the numerous programs available at the renowned Konkuk University? To secure admission into the University, there are procedures one must follow to gain offer into the University.
The University has made the admission process easy to prospective local and international students. To apply to any of the programs at Konkuk University, students are required to visit the University admission portal to see the list of outlined application documents required for admission before applying accordingly.
To apply for an undergraduate program, visit – https://www.konkuk.ac.kr/eng/jsp/Admissions/undergraduate_international_students.jsp
To apply for graduate programs, visit – https://www.konkuk.ac.kr/eng/jsp/Admissions/graduate_international_students.jsp
NB: Interested applicants are advised to read through the admission guidelines carefully and avoid errors during the process of application

Konkuk University Ranking

Konkuk University has maintained academic excellence over the years to sit atop the hierarchy in the ranking of the best Universities in Korea, Asia and the world at large. As of 2014, the University was ranked 13th among the best Universities in Korea by JoongAng Ilbo.
In 2015, a poll conducted by Korean students pitched the University as the 7th best University in the country while ranking as the 59th best University in the whole of Asia.
In 2019 rating of the world best Universities by QS, Konkuk University ranking in Korea, Asia, and the world are as follows;
In Korea = #17
In Asia = #94
World Ranking = #581 – 590

Konkuk University International Programs

Konkuk University offers a variety of programs to international students who wish to be a part of the rich academic history of the University. The International programs range from long-term academic programs to short-term programs for visitors of the country.
The International programs at Konkuk University include but not limited to the following;

Exchange student program

Like other world-leading Universities, Konkuk University partners with some overseas Universities in a bid to deliver excellent academic programs to its students. Some of the partnering Universities include but not limited to the following Universities; University of California, Berkeley, University of Edinburgh, Erasmus University, and Osaka University.
Depending on the type of agreement between Konkuk University and the partnering Universities, the University sometimes host foreign students from these universities to complete their programs in a selected field of study. These exchange programs usually last for a semester while others may last for an academic session.

International Summer Program

Konkuk University offers a two long summer and winter programs to international students interested in learning about the Korean culture, history or other fields.
In addition to taking classes in selected fields of study, students enrolled in the international summer and winter programs may elect to embark on field trips.
The Konkuk university acceptance rate for the International summer program is high as the University wishes to bring the world closer to Korea.

Undergraduate degree

Aside from the short-term programs explained above, Konkuk University also offers professional academic courses to international students seeking to obtain a Bachelor or Master’s degree from the University.
Konkuk University is delighted to be the preferred academic destination of over 2,500 international students from over 67 countries. These international students are enrolled into several disciplines across the undergraduate and postgraduate degree levels and you too can be a member of the Konkuk University international community.
To gain offer into the school, international students are required to meet certain eligibility criteria which include excellent academic grade from their previous studies as well as meeting the language criteria.
Applicants who meet the minimum Korean language proficiency as well as reaching level 6 in TOPIK are entitled to 70% tuition waiver.

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