Cheapest universities in Europe (Belarus, Russia and Poland)

Full list of low tuition universities in Belarus, Russia, and Poland

Tuition fees in most European universities are quite low and affordable. They usually range from $2500 to $5000 for international students. So if money is your problem, do not allow it to stop you from pursuing your studies in Europe. Here we have listed categories of cheapest universities in Europe which includes: Cheap Universities in Belarus, Cheapest Universities in Poland and Cheap universities in Russia. Go through each and pick out the ones that appeal to you.
Below is a list of these cheapest universities in Europe for those that may want to study there. Cost of living in these countries are also affordable. For example, the estimated cost of living in Russia Poland and Belarus is put at $300 to $400 while that of Austria is slightly high with an estimation of 500 to 600 Euros. Note that this cost of living includes the cost of accommodation, food, travels in and around the city, books, etc. Please find below a full list of low tuition universities in Austria, Belarus, Poland, and Russia. You can contact the schools directly to get more information.

Cheap Universities in Belarus

Each year, more than 6,000 foreign students study at Belarusian universities. The country, located in eastern Poland and western Russia, attaches great importance to university education and offers affordable courses for international students, as well as a variety of study programs.
University education is popular in Belarus and the country has a large number of students compared to the general population. Most of the universities here are accredited by global associations such as UNESCO, WHO, and MCI, and many universities regularly receive visiting professors from the United States, the United Kingdom, and other regions. Europe.
Here are the list of cheap Universities in Belarus

Cheapest Universities in Poland

Poland applies the same principles as many European countries, namely to offer free education to its citizens, while international students have to pay low tuition fees. Each university has different levels of education, but the cheapest universities in Poland offer low tuition fees for its international students.
Here are a list of Cheapest Universities in Poland 

Cheap universities in Russia

Russia is a huge landscape with many employment and education opportunities. In fact, it has more than 700 universities open only to undergraduate students. Each year, Russia has more than 4 million students in its many prestigious institutions. For this reason, Russia is a destination of choice for future international students. For international students with limited budgets, applying for admission to cheap universities in Russia can help you achieve your dreams. Managing your finances as a student in another country can be difficult. You have to balance a series of factors to finish your studies later.
To begin, you must choose a university that fits your budget. You should also consider the city or region in which the school is located, as you will spend your time at the school in the area. The rent, the cost of daily expenses and travel are all necessary elements of the investigation before making your final decision.
Here is a list of Cheap Universities in Russia

Here you have it some of the cheapest universities in Europe, am sure this will be of help.

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