Becker College Tuition 2019: Scholarships and Cost of Living

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Becker College Tuition 2019: Scholarships and Cost of Living

Becker College is located in central Massachusetts, United States. The college offers more than 40 undergraduate degree programs including nursing programs, a veterinary science program, and video game design and development programs.
It is the home of The Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDiGI), a statewide centre, designated by the Commonwealth, for academic cooperation, entrepreneurship and economic development across the Massachusetts digital and video games ecosystem. The college has two campuses: one in Worcester and the other in Leicester.
The Worcester campus is located on Sever Street in the residential Elm Park neighbourhood, not far from downtown Worcester, which is about 40 miles west of Boston. The Leicester campus is adjacent to the historic centre of Leicester, and a number of buildings on the campus are included in the Washburn Square-Leicester Common Historic District.
Becker College has a total of 419 faculties and staff, representing a 17:1 student/faculty ratio. The college offers Bachelor, Associate, and Accelerated Degree Programs. In 2014, the College launched a master of arts in mental health counselling and in 2016, launched a master of science in nursing. The college is international students friendly. Financial aid is made available to students to subsidise or cater for their tuition and cost of living.

Becker College Tuition 2019 and Cost of Living

The schedule of fees here is grouped under Undergraduates, Graduates Programs and Professional studies to give a holistic picture of the cost of studying at Becker College.
Traditional Undergraduate
Full-time undergraduate student at the College must register, at a minimum, for a full-time course load of 12-18 credits per semester. Full-time undergraduate students registered for less than 12 credits will still be charged full-time tuition and fees even though they are registered for less than a full-time course load.
Becker College Tuition 2019, Fees, Room, & Board – Traditional Undergraduate Students

2019 Fall 2020 Spring Total
AY 18/19
Tuition and Fees Full-Time Tuition (12-18 credits per semester)
Tuition per credit (less than 12 or more than 18):
Orientation Fee (full amount to be charged in students a 1st enrolled semester)
Comprehensive Fee (12+ credits)
(6 – 8 credits)
(9 – 11 credits)
Technology Fee (12+ credits)
(6 – 8 credits)
(9 – 11 credits)
Room & Board
Room Rates:
Shared Room Rate
Board Rates:
19 Meal Plan – includes $125 Becker Bucks per semester, or 14 Meal Plan – includes $300 Becker Bucks per semester
Resident Total
Commuter Total
Health Insurance
May be waived if the student is covered under another comparable policy
If not waived by the deadline of 9/7/19, charge amount will remain on student’s account
(Students who matriculate in 2019 Spring will be charged $1,386)

Additional/ Optional Charge

Academic Program Fees (required for students majoring in these programs):
Equine Program
Equine Course (non-majors)
Nursing Program
Veterinary Program
Optional Room Rates:
Single Room Rate (14 or 19, meal plan is required)
Willow Hall (14 or 19 meal, plan is required)
Spruce Hall or Houghton Hall – Shared (meal plan is required)
Spruce Hall or Houghton Hall – Single (meal plan is required)
Optional Board Rates for students living in Spruce Hall or Houghton Hall:
10 Meal Plan
5 Meal Plan
Summer Bridge Program:
Gateway Program:
No Charge

Graduate Programs
The cost below is for Master of Arts in Mental Health Counselling – 2019-2020 and Master of Fine Arts in Interactive Media – 2019-2020 and it gives direction to the cost of graduate programs at Becker College.

Item Costs Additional Information
Tuition $640.00 Per Credit
Comprehensive Fee $410.00 Per Semester (Fall/Spring, not Summer)
Technology Fee $500.00 Per Semester (Fall/Spring, not Summer)
Health Insurance $2,285.00 Enrollment begins in Fall 2018 (coverage 8/9/18 – 8/8/19)

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires all students enrolled at least three-quarter time (9 or more credits per semester) to be covered under an acceptable health insurance plan. The college automatically charges for health insurance once you are enrolling for 9 or more credits per semester unless you have a health insurance waiver.
Professional Studies Tuition and Fees
Below is the cost for the professional evening and Online courses.

Item Costs Additional Information
Tuition $430.00 Per Credit
Health Insurance $ 1,386 Enrollment begins in Spring 2019 (if not previously enrolled in Fall, waived, or not in 9 credits or more)
Health Insurance $2,285.00 Annual, Enrollment begins in Fall 2018


Becker College Scholarships Opportunities

Becker College Alumni Association Scholarship (AAA).

This award is given to two responsible students leaders in their junior or senior year on the basis of academic excellence, financial need, and community service.  Each recipient becomes an honorary member of the Alumni Association Board and will need to volunteer a minimum of five hours per week each semester in the Office of Institutional Advancement. The value is up to $3,000. Application commences Spring of 2019.

Becker Family Grant (FAMG).

This gives a ten (10) percent tuition discount to all students when two or more from the same family are full-time students in Becker’s undergraduate/day division.

D. Llewellyn Evans Scholarship (EVANS).

This award is given on the basis of need and academic achievement. It is sponsored by Becker college. Application commences during the spring semester. The value ranges from $1,000 to $4,000 and is intended for use during the student’s next academic year at Becker.

Ebenezer Crafts Scholarships (CRAFT).

These are given to residents of the town of Leicester who has graduated from Leicester High School. Applicants must submit a letter of recommendation from a Leicester High School teacher or counselor to the Office of Financial Aid.
To apply for any of these scholarships

  • File a FAFSA. Complete the FAFSA form through the federal government. FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid and is cost-free for students and families to complete.
  • Visit gov to access the form.
  • Input the Becker College school code: 002123.
  • Try to do this before the priority deadline: January 15 (Note – Students are able to submit a FAFSA after January 15).
  • It is recommended to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) when completing the FAFSA.

Merit Scholarships

Becker College’s Office of Admissions and Office of Financial Aid work together to offer merit scholarships based on, but not limited to, GPA and SAT scores. Students are reviewed for merit scholarships at the time of acceptance.  Merit scholarships are based on full-time enrolment (12 credits/term) and are renewable as long as the student is making Satisfactory Academic Progress (opens in a new window).

George I. Alden Scholarships (ALDEN).

The scholarships are awarded by the college to students enrolled in Bachelor degree programs. Awards vary in size and are conferred based on academic achievement and financial need.

George F. and Sybil H. Fuller Scholarships (FULLS).

This is funded annually by the Fuller Foundation. These scholarships are awarded by the College to students of exceptional merit.

The Robert and Marie Cousy Scholarship (COSY).

This endowment scholarship is initiated by Boston Celtic Hall of Famer, Bob Cousy and his wife Marie Cousy to encourage underprivileged students to attend Becker College. The college awards these scholarships today division residents of Worcester Housing Authority (WHA) properties who are full-time. The value varies to provide for full financial need.

Travelli Scholarship (TRAV).

This scholarship is awarded by the College through funds provided by the Charles Irwin Travelli Fund. Recipients must demonstrate high financial need and a strong academic record.

Quell Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship (QUELL).

This is awarded to third- or fourth-year undergraduate students or graduate students pursuing a degree in psychology, social work, or other fields of study related to the provision of mental health services. 2019/2020 Application Deadline is April 1, 2019.
To apply for any of these Becker College scholarships, visit:

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