Asia’s 8 Top Countries For International Students and their Top Universities

Asia’s 8 Top Countries For International Students and their Top Universities

Do you want to study in Asia and you don’t know how to go about? World scholarship forum has compiled a list of Asia’s 8 Top Countries For International Students and their Top Universities that you can go for.

study in Asia
study in Asia
Asia is a huge continent. As a matter of fact, it is by far the biggest continent in the world for any indices. It has the biggest landmass, and it is the most populous continent. It could be very daunting for study abroad students to make a choice in that huge place.
The situation is made more difficult by the number of countries to choose from matched against the culture and political stability of a particular destination. It is a nightmare for international students to choose the ideal country in Asia without proper guidance.
However, the size of the continent confers certain advantages on it. For instance, the huge cultural variety means there is a place for anyone no matter their predilection.
So here are 8 of the top Asian countries for international students who want to study in  Asia based on the availability of world-class universities, unique student experience, and well-organized educational system.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is not really a country but makes the list of Asia’s 8 Top Countries For International Students because it is a semi-independent territory linked to China.
In Hong Kong, there is a fine blend of Eastern and Western cultures due to the long years of being a British colony. So there is no shortage of English speaking people here.
This multicultural city has several world-class universities with many of them featuring regularly in the list of top universities in the world. The mixture of the top higher education system, a strong economy, high standard of living and a progressive society makes Hong Kong a hot destination for study abroad students.
Two universities here, University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology are ranked 2nd and 4th respectively in the top 10 universities in Asia.

South Korea

South Korea has similar attributes to Hong Kong as one of Asia’s 8 Top Countries For International Students with Top Universities. The economy is strong, the standard of living is high and the higher education system is top notch.
The capital of Seoul has consistently been ranked by students as one of the top Asian cities for international students. Students interested in cutting edge technology would do well to choose South Korea. And the best technology university is the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. This University is 6th in the latest rankings of universities in all of Asia.


Japan is known for many things worldwide apart from the quality of its universities. The economy is strong, the standard of living is high and it is one of the major world economic centers.
In recent years, the government has been trying to attract more international students by introducing more English taught courses and making admission easier. The one drawback about Japan is the relatively high cost of living. But this is counterbalanced by the relatively low tuition fees.
Japan rich cultural heritage is a magnet for both tourists and students the capital Tokyo boasts the University of Tokyo which is the 13th ranked University in Asia.


Singapore is small, most parts highly developed and easy to travel around in. This makes the country almost like a huge city.
What it lacked in size is made up for in the quality of the universities. For instance, the number one ranked University in the whole of Asia is the National University of Singapore, while the Nanyang Technological University is the third-ranked university in the region.
Singapore is well known for its multiculturalism as the country is made up largely of immigrants from China, Malaysia, and India. So as a cauldron of cultures, it is also a country of several languages where religious freedom is preached and practiced.
And like most of the countries in this list, it is technology forward-looking, with a strong economy and low levels of crime.


Studies show that China has the highest number of international students in the whole of Asia. This is not surprising as the country has many things in its favor. The economy is strong and growing; it is a world center of trade and commerce; it is highly industrialized and it is a huge magnet for tourists among other things.
China has two major cities. Shanghai is the economic and industrial capital while Beijing is the political capital. Both cities are home to some of the best universities in Asia and in the world. The most notable is the Tsinghua University coming up fifth in the rankings for Asian universities.


Two things immediately stand out about this country. It is the largest economy in Southeast Asia and has the fourth largest population in the world.
International students looking for diversity would never get enough of it in this country. The range of cultures and languages is incredible.
Study abroad students can take advantage of the low tuition, low cost of living and some of the friendliest people on earth. The University of Indonesia is the top University in the country and is ranked 67th in the list of top universities in Asia.


Taiwan is one of the leading Asian Tigers with universities and educational system famous for its emphasis on technological and technical curriculum.
The country’s most famous technological hub, the Hsinchu Science Park, is the Asian version of America’s Silicon Valley. Many of the country’s universities are located close to this park.
The cultural heritage is strongly influenced by Chinese culture and is evident in the cuisine, official language, and architecture. Apart from the emphasis on technological education, which also makes the country attractive to international students are the low tuition and low living costs.
The National Taiwan University is the top University in the country and is ranked 21st in Asia.


Malaysia is another favorite destination for international students attracted to the low cost of living, low tuition, and diverse culture.
In recent years the country’s educational authority is trying to attract more international students by making it easier for schools in the West to set up local campuses in the country. Setting up local campuses has a major advantage of attracting lower tuition than it would have been if one had gone to the main university.
Kuala Lumpur, the capital city, is one of the most affordable student’s cities in the world and is home to several world-class universities including the Universiti Malaya, ranked 27th in Asia.

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