5 Easy steps to Apply and Win Mundus Erasmus Scholarship for International Students

Apply and Win Mundus Erasmus Scholarship 

What if you had all the secrets to winning this scholarship? Would you tell the world — or keep them for yourself? I’m sure you will rather avoid answering that. Before I go into giving you all the secrets you so much desire; can we answer these questions?

Who was Erasmus Mundus?

The full name Desiderius Erasmus Rotterdamus, he was 15th-century Dutch humanist and theologian who studied in the best monastic schools throughout Europe. In his days, he was known as one of the most brilliant students of the time. “Mundus” is the Latin word for “world” and thus stands for the programme’s global outreach.
The Erasmus programme is the most important scheme for students throughout the EU who wish to study abroad, it comes with a series of possible scholarships that are designed to aid the students in getting the placement they want.
In this scheme, Students are split into categories for consideration as scholarship candidates. if you are a student studying at a higher education institution of any Nationality and you are awarded with Erasmus Charter For Higher Education, you can apply.   It aims at enhancing the quality of European higher education and promoting dialogue and understanding between people and cultures through cooperation with third countries.
In addition, the programme contributes to the development of human resources and the international cooperation capacity of higher education institutions in third countries by increasing mobility between the European Union and these countries.

What are Erasmus Mundus scholarships?

The Erasmus Mundus Scholarships, funded by the European Union, are exclusively awarded to students coming from both EU and non-EU countries that have been selected to attend one of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Programmes at Masters or Doctorate level.
Through the Erasmus Mundus scheme, both EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA students can apply for a scholarship to undertake specific Master’s degree programmes that are offered jointly by a Danish institution and another European university or college. APPLY

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What are the specific objectives of the Programme? 

The major objectives of the Erasmus Mundus scholarships scheme can be summarized in 3 outstanding statements, Erasmus Mundus 2009-2013 is a cooperation and mobility programme in the field of higher education for:

  • the enhancement of quality in European higher education;
  • the promotion of the European Union as a center of excellence in learning around the world;
  • the promotion of intercultural understanding through coopera­tion with Third Countries as well as for the development of Third Countries in the field of higher education.

Easy steps to apply and win Mundus Erasmus 

  • Decide on a particular country
  • Follow through
  • Consult the Erasmus Mundus programme guide for the year running
  • Choose an ACTION

Decide on a particular country :

You should start by creating a shortlist of Institutions you would like to do your Erasmus Exchange at in the coming semester. It’s recommended you create a list of at least 10, to begin with, and then you can rank them in order of priority.
There are over a thousand institutions that are partners in the Erasmus Exchange program based throughout the world. It’s best to decide which partner institution suits your needs as a student best before looking into Scholarships.

Follow through:

what do I mean by follow through? once you have decided on the country and institution you wish to do your Erasmus exchange programme next is to spring into action and the needed work explained in step 3 and 4 of this article

Consult the Erasmus Mundus programme guide for the year running :

The programme guide contains all the general information about the different actions and the conditions on how to apply for funding. The Programme Guide applies for the entire duration of the programme and aims to assist all those interested in implementing joint cooperation activities or receiving individual scholarships within the Erasmus Mundus programme.
It describes the types of activities that can be supported and the conditions under which this support can be granted. Thus, Detailed information on the programme and specific application conditions can be found in the Programme guide.

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Choose ACTION :

Erasmus Mundus scholarships are divided into 3 actions programmes.
Action 1: Joint Programmes including scholarships
Action 2: Partnerships with Third Country higher education institutions and scholarships for mobility
Action 3: Promotion of European higher education


The interested student should apply to the international office and/or Erasmus+ office of his or her sending a higher education institution. The office will inform him or her of the possibilities of studying abroad as well as the modalities to apply and to receive an Erasmus+ EU grant.
Though there are Limited Scholarships available, however often there are some that go unawarded due to the lack of applicants. It’s advised that you apply for every Scholarship that you are eligible for as in some circumstances you may be the best candidate without thinking you are.

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