5 Most Affordable Universities In Kuwait 2019 | UPDATED

5 Most Affordable Universities In Kuwait

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Kuwait is one of those countries in the world which is known for its expensive but best educational systems. There are a large number of universities in Kuwait which are giving the best education to students at extremely affordable rates.
These universities are producing the best graduates at both national and international levels. You should pick the best university which is offering affordable semester rates. It is like a dream studying in the best institute and at highly affordable rates.  The top five most affordable universities in Kuwait are as follows
Top five most affordable universities in Kuwait

Kuwait Maastricht Business School

The Kuwait Maastricht Business School is one of the most affordable universities in Kuwait. The Kuwait Maastricht Business School is a private sector for your business studies education.
It was developed in 2003 and has a counterpart in its school of management in the Netherlands. The university is at rank 35 among the Asian universities. It is one of those affordable universities in Kuwait that is offering quality education in subjects of business studies. Following are the courses offered at Kuwait Maastricht Business School

Tuition Fee:

The total fees for the MBA programme are KD 6,900 (excluding textbooks) or $24244.55 USD.

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  1. Australian College of Kuwait

One of the most affordable universities in Kuwait is the Australian College of Kuwait. It is the first university of Kuwait which is dealing in vocational education. The university is a private sector.
Australian College of Kuwait is having complete international teachers who are imparting professional knowledge to students at cheap rates. It is one of the best universities in Kuwait with highly professional teachers. The courses offered at the Australian College of Kuwait are as follows

    • Engineering
    • Computer sciences
    • Business studies
    • Arts and many other courses
    • Social sciences

Tuition Fee:

For Bachelor of Business Programs Tuition fee per semester is KWD 1,857.500 or $6526.70 USD.

  1. Kuwait Institute of Medical Specialization

If you are planning to study medicine in Kuwait at most affordable rates then Kuwait Institute of Medical Specialization is the best option. Kuwait Institute of Medical Sciences was established and founded in 1984.
The university has been seen offering various programs of internship for graduates of medicine. The university is offering training programs for various professions of medicine and is also giving platforms for the doctor’s practice in Kuwait.
Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization is recognized by the “Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada”. It is one of the best medical institutes in Kuwait. 

  1. Gulf University for Science and Technology

Gulf University for Science and Technology is accredited by the University of Missouri. Gulf University for Science and Technology is offering higher education in subjects of arts, sciences, technology, and business.
The university is offering a wide variety of undergraduate programs. These undergraduate programs have been designed in such a way that they are producing ultimate leadership qualities in students.
The bachelor’s degree in art from the university is given by the department of mass communication. Gulf  University for Science and Technology consists of two major departments

    • College of Arts and Sciences
    • College of business administration

Tuition Fee:

  • Undergraduate Tuition Fee: KD 175 per credit hour
  • Graduate Tuition (MBA): KD 200 per credit hour

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  1. American University in Kuwait

The American University of Kuwait is located in the city of Salmiya. American University is a private sector university offering a wide range of subjects related to liberal arts, culture, and education.
The courses available here are of extremely high quality. This university is ranked among the top universities of Asia. This American University in Kuwait is giving away the best course contents at extremely affordable rates.
It is the best place if you want to be graduating in business studies at affordable rates. The university consists of two major schools

    • College of arts
    • School of management

Tuition Fee:

 Undergraduate Degree Program KWD 175 per credit hour or $614.90 USD.

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