University of Miami Scholarships for International Students , USA

The University of Miami is delighted to invite applications for Scholarships for International Students for 2018-2019 Academic year. The Scholarship is intended to funded Financial fees for International Students are eligible for the Scholarships.

Students considered for an academic scholarship have significant academic achievement. Those selected to receive a scholarship take the most challenging curriculum, earn in the highest grades, and are at the top of our applicant pool. Students are automatically considered for the President’s Scholarships when they apply for admission to the University. Students selected to receive a President’s Scholarship will be notified no later than the end of March via his/her CaneLink account by the Office of Undergraduate Admission. Students applying for a second Bachelor degree are not eligible to receive a President’s Scholarship.

Where: University of Miami, Florida

Scholarship awards:

  • President’s Scholarship: Ranges from $18,000-$28,000 annually
  • Canes Achievement Award: Ranges from $5,000-$16,000 annually

Important information:

  • Once you are selected for the admission to the university, you are automatically considered for the President’s Scholarships.
  • The University of Miami judges on students’ high school grades, difficulty of course curriculum, extracurricular activities, essay, and guidance counselor recommendation(s), as well as the overall quality of the pool of applicants applying to the university each year when making scholarship award decisions.

What do you need to submit?

  • a complete application for admission with all academic credentials, including a bank letter by the deadline listed belowScholarship Consideration Deadlines

Click here to go to application online

Scholarship Consideration deadlines:

  • November 1
  • January 1

Click here to go to official website

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