Study In Asia: All You Need to Know About B.Tech in Singapore

Along with being the most favorite study destination for the Indian students Singapore is also Asia’s most expensive study destination. The students migrating to Singapore enjoys both the campus life and is also offered numerous options for entertainment. One of the most popular university of Singapore, NUS is famous for offering a B.Tech course. Here are the few reasons why students find it beneficial to study B.Tech in Singapore.

Singapore is among the most modern and vibrant nations that provides an excellent educational facilities to the international students. Numerous opportunities are offered for the international students who wish to study in Singapore. In Singapore education is given top priority and it is known as a ‘global schoolhouse.’ Strong emphasis on education is given by Singapore since the British system of education was established in 1823 by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles. Today Singapore has emerged as one of the leaders in the sphere of higher education in Asia as well as worldwide.

Why Singapore

Singapore is the motherland of 6 universities of national acclaim. The two largest universities of Singapore possesses near about 30,000 students. The National University in Singapore is the most prestigious university. It is also the highest ranking university of Asia. The different subject areas in which the NUS is ranked among the global top 10 universities are statistics, modern language, geography, mechanical engineering, computer science, law, communication and media studies, pharmacy, accounting and finance and material science. Some of the other high ranked universities are the Singapore Management University, Nanyang Technological University.

The Universities of Singapore works with joint collaboration with the top universities of the other countries. These collaborations and connections contribute to the overall development of the quality of education offered by the Singaporean universities. This is the most important factor that attracts the international students to Singapore.

At present about 18% of all the international students are Indian students. However, the Singapore government has recently undertaken some new policies to give more places to domestic students by cutting international funding. Their main goal is to lower the intake of international students to 15%. In spite of this new project there are still ample of spaces left for international students to study in Singapore. Another reason why international students find it easy to study in Singapore is that the medium of instruction in most of the universities in Singapore is English.

How to apply in the universities of Singapore

Any student who wishes to study abroad in Singapore needs to apply to the college of his choice directly. So, it is important to keep in mind that the surrounding administration and all the deadlines lay within the university itself. Moreover, the universities sometimes limit the chance of applying in more than one course. This is also an important factor that should be kept in mind while applying in a particular university.

Cost of study in Singapore

The cost of studying be it B.Tech or any other course is no doubt high in Singapore. However, it is still low compared to the other three hot favorite destinations like the UK, the US and Australia. This also acts as a favorable factor that attracts international students who are looking for the best quality education. While checking for the cost one should keep in mind that Singaporean dollar is used in Singapore and the rate is different from the US dollar.

In most of the top colleges the students’ needs to pay an annual tuition fee of US$10,000. However, this session fees keeps on changing from one institute to another. The cost B.Tech courses are generally high compared to arts courses. Students are also eligible to apply for tuition grants which are given by the Singaporean Ministry of Education. Everyone irrespective of being domestic or international is eligible for these grants. These grants cover almost all of the tuition fees.

Cost of living in Singapore

The cost of living in Singapore is also a bit higher as the standard of living is high. This makes it an expensive place to live in. However, this cost will also vary depending upon the course of study one chooses and the individual lifestyle that the students go through. Numerous websites are there that will give you a detailed idea about the cost of different courses in Singapore.

Along with all these facilities the international students coming to study B.Tech in Singapore are also offered with four distinct languages. Most of the high ranked universities of Singapore encourages studying in the four languages like English, Tamil, Malay and Chinese. So, language is also not a barrier for the international students migrating to Singapore.

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