RUFORUM MasterCard Undergraduate & Masters Scholarships for African Students 2018/2019

Applications are currently ongoing for the RUFORUM MasterCard Undergraduate & Masters Scholarships for African Students 2018/2019. The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) in conjunction with the MasterCard Foundation, Gulu University, and Egerton University to enhance the application of science, technology, business, and innovation for rural agriculture.

What you need to know about the Scholarship:

Students who are economically disadvantaged, and students from post-conflict and conflict-affected areas of Africa, are welcome to apply for admission and financial support at Gulu University (Uganda) or Egerton University (Kenya). The announcements lists the available academic programs at each university.

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation, Gulu University and Egerton University are implementing an eight year program aimed at transforming African agricultural universities and their graduates to better respond to developmental challenges through enhanced application of science, technology, business and innovation for rural agricultural transformation. This is eight year program (2016-2024) and will be supporting students that are economically disadvantaged, those from post-conflict and conflict affected areas of Africa.

Level/Field of Study:

The RUFORUM Technical Committee (RTC) has identified the following priority programs for the academic year 2018/2019 as eligible for application and to be supported:

Gulu University

  1. Bachelor of Science in AgriManagement
  2. Bachelor of Science in Food and Agribusiness
  3. Master of Science in Biosystems Engineering
  4. Master of Science in Agri-Enterprises Development
  5. Bachelor of Science Education (Agriculture)
  6. Master of Science in Food Security and Egerton University

Egerton University

  1. Bachelor of Agribusiness Management
  2. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education and Extension
  3. Bachelor of Science in Horticulture
  4. Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Management
  5. Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology
  6. Master of Science in Agronomy

Host Nationalities:

Gulu University (Uganda) or Egerton University (Kenya)

Eligible Nationalities:

Students from Africa pursuing their Undegraduate and postgraduate degrees in the earlier mentioned institution.

Number of scholarships: 

45 Bachelor and 15 Master scholarships

Scholarship Benefits:

Students enrolled under this program will receive comprehensive scholarships, leadership development, life skills support, entrepreneurship training and mentorship and exposure to community engagement.

RUFORUM MasterCard Undergraduate & Masters Scholarships for African Students Requirements: 

  • This scholarship opportunity is open to African students of all race, colour, dissent and who in particular are economically disadvantaged and those coming from conflict and post-conflict areas of Africa.
  • The applicant has to be in position to qualify for admission into undergraduate and/or postgraduate programs at Gulu University and/or Egerton University as listed above.
  • Students already having a scholarship of any kind are not eligible to benefit this scholarship opportunity anyone with a double scholarship if found will automatically be discontinued.

Females are particularly encouraged to apply

How to Apply: 

Applicants should obtain application forms for both the scholarships and admission from the university of choice. Applicants shall only apply to one university of choice. Application forms can also be downloaded from the Scholarship Webpage link below.

For more details,visit Official website

Application Deadline:

March 1st 2018

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