How to Make Your Study Abroad Memorable

How to Make Your Study Abroad Memorable

We all want to do something worth keeping in memory and quite fun. Looking back in years far spent, we will no doubt be proud of the things we have done, the places we have been to and the happy moments we have had with friends. Your study abroad shouldn’t be a strict mission, it shouldn’t be about stress and huddles but all about treasurable memories that stick.

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What then can make your study abroad a pleasant experience?

  1. Cameras – I wrote an article some time ago about five best travel cameras and their awesome specs. Frankly, camera is the first thing you need because of it’s ability to capture wonderful scenes of high quality. Even if you can’t afford one, a smartphone with an amazing megapixels can come in handy. Primarily, is to capture that terrifical moment where you felt on top of the world.

In your abroad study, you will certainly make new friends. Having as many photographs with them is something you will forever cherish. Looking at pictures taken long time ago has a way of lightening up our mood even in time of depression.

I remember going through my photo album yesterday and believe me, my day became filled with unexplainable joy within. I just can’t stop grinning at myself as i flip from page to page. It was quite an adorable moment alone.

  1. Travel – There are still many roads to trend, trains to board and places to be seen. Your study shouldn’t restrict you from doing that if you must really flee from stress and an overwhelmed mind. Take a time to travel to neighboring states within your country of study. For students within the Schengen countries, that shouldn’t be hard because of the favorable travel policy.

Travel as much as you can, see new places and always open your mind to behold something strange and fascinate cause its inevitable. My cent here is: don’t forget to go without your camera hanging in your neck.

  1. Expand your social circle – Some students usually make the mistake of not befriendiy natives. Instead, you see them hanging out with same fellow abroad students which can be very lame. Having at least, one native as a friend can open immense opportunities to you as an international student. Don’t overlook the power of connection cause that’s what the world is known for – is like a web.

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What if you’re an introvert? I don’t think i see that as a blockade when it comes to making friends. My dear, you have a secret fan somewhere in your campus. Wear a smile and encourage them to show themselves.

  1. Learn a new skill – What’s the use of traveling out to study if nothing is impacted into your development? Perhaps you traveled to San Diego to improve your English, don’t turn down a invitation from Salsa cooking class in case you get one, or a hike in a world-famous nation park.

Saying yes to new awesome experience will really impact more to your potentials thereby making you a versatile being.

  1. Embrace the local culture – Irrespective of how weird or odd looking the culture might seem, having an open mind and a knowing that no culture in the wworld is more advanced than the other will help you tremendously.

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Each tribes and race has a uniqueness that only them can relate to. Feel free, take a deeo breath and be in their shoe. Apart from learning their local language, find books, movies, food and music to inspire their culture into you. Feel at home, that way, you will make the most out of your stay in abroad.

6 Study – I say it again: STUDY! That’s the primary purpose of your travel and believe me, the above wonderful experience won’t really be peasant if you graduate performing poorly. You want to graduate the best among all? That can only be possible if you STUDY.

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