100 Graduate Scholarships in Greece, 2018

The Onassis Foundation is delighted to officially invite applications for the 100 Graduate Scholarships for International Students in Greece, 2018. These scholarships are designed for Students pursuing their postgraduate studies or doctoral programme. The Programme is courtesy of the Onasis Foundation

Scholarship Description:

The Onassis Foundation has established the Program of Scholarships for Hellenes since 1978. Initially, the program awarded scholarships to Greek University graduates for postgraduate studies or doctoral studies in countries worldwide.

Course Level:

pursue postgraduate studies or doctoral programme.

Study Subject:

These scholarships are not restricted to any fields in the university.Every Field is qualified.

Scholarship Award:

These scholarships will cover the followings:

  1. For Scholars studying in countries worldwide, the monthly amount of scholarship is EUR 1,000 for the countries in Europe (apart from Greece), GBP 800 for the UK and USD 1,200 for the U.S.A. and other countries outside Europe. Scholars may also receive an additional allowance to cover part of their tuition or relocation expenses. The additional allowance amounts to EUR 5,000, GBP 3,500 and USD 5,000 respectively.
  2. For Scholars studying in Greece, the monthly amount of the scholarship is EUR 300 for those whose main residence is located within 40 km. from the University and EUR 600 for those whose main residence is further than 40 km from the University. For scholars who pay tuition fees or have relocation expenses, an additional allowance of up to EUR 3,000 may be granted. The actual amount towards tuition fees or relocation expenses is decided on a case-to-case basis.
  3. The aforementioned amounts are the highest that can be granted by the Foundation.
  4. The scholarship commences or continues each academic year once the scholar submits a registration certificate.
  5. For Scholars in countries worldwide, the scholarship for the summer months is paid in full, only to those who remain at their place of study, as part of their academic requirements or if they are absent for up to a month.
  6. Apart from the approved scholarship, the Foundation does not award grants for travel expenses, participation in conferences, purchase of books, PCs etc. The scholarship does not cover additional family costs (wife and/or children).
  7. The scholar is obliged to submit a signed statement to the Foundation mentioning any other grants, salary, stipend or compensation they might receive from the University, the School or any other source (scholarship, tuition waiver, stipend, salary, assistantship, award etc.). The Foundation then decides upon the continuation, reduction, suspension or cancellation of the scholarship, taking into account the needs of the scholar at the place of study.
  8. The Foundation may grant, by special approval, the amount of up to EUR 2,000 to scholars pursuing Doctoral studies to cover the printing expenses of their Thesis in a limited number of copies, according to the requirements of the relevant University regulation. The scholar should submit an application after the completion of their studies and submit the relevant receipts.

Scholarship Host Nation:

Greece and abroad

Eligible Countries:


Eligibility for the Scholarship:


  • Entrance Requirements: Applicants must meet following criteria:
  1. Scholarships are awarded only for full-time studies. Applications for long-distance or part-time studies are not accepted.
  2. Scholarships can also be awarded to candidates who have already commenced their studies, provided that the remaining time for the completion of their studies is: a) for candidates of the Program for Graduate or Doctoral Studies in countries worldwide: at least 9 months, and b) for candidates of the Program for Studies in Greece: at least one academic year for a doctorate.
  • English Language Requirements: Applicants must meet the language requirement of the host institution.

Application Procedure:

  • Applicants can apply via online mode.

How to Apply:

  • The annual announcement states all the supporting documents required for the submission of an application for all respective programs.
  • A candidate cannot submit an application for more than one scholarship program or specialization.
  • An application cannot be accepted only on the grounds that it is submitted.
  • The applications are checked by the Scholarship Department of the Foundation. All the supporting documents of the application (degrees, certificates etc.) should be submitted within the specific deadlines mentioned in the annual announcement.
  • All eligible applications proceed to the comparative evaluation and selection process.
  • After the announcement of the results, the successful candidates who have been granted a scholarship cannot change their proposed program of study if they fail to be admitted in the program for which they have been assessed.
  • All candidates for studies in countries worldwide should submit a signed statement mentioning the cost of study and living expenses and their ability to cover the total cost of tuition and living expenses throughout their studies. If the applicant receives scholarships or grants or assistantship from other foundations, universities or organizations they should submit all relevant documentation.
  • The scholars of the Foundation who wish to pursue further studies (i.e. from Master’s Degree to Doctorate) should submit a new application with all the supporting documents within the specific deadlines mentioned in the annual announcement.

Applications close: February 28, 2018

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