Government Of Canada Recruitment Of Policy Leaders (RPL) Program 2017-2018

Do you want to immerse yourself in important and exciting work that matters to Canadians? Are you passionate about making a difference to current Canadian policy files? Apply today to be a part of a dynamic public policy network and to access opportunities in a number of domains such as: gender equality, climate change, health care and much more.

Aspiring to shape Canada’s domestic or international policies and programs? A career awaits for you.

The Recruitment of Policy Leaders (RPL) program focuses on recruiting exceptional professionals with diverse achievements and experience into mid and senior-level policy positions across the Government of Canada.


RPL recruits have diverse backgrounds, experiences and skills. Here are the common elements required:

A post-graduate degree in any discipline from a recognized university obtained by Dec 31, 2018
A record of academic excellence demonstrated through prestigious scholarships, awards and/or distinctions and/or peer-reviewed publications
Relevant policy experience
Volunteer or extra-curricular experience in a leadership role
An understanding of public policy
Analytical thinking
Effective communication
Values and ethics
Relationship building
Language proficiency

Not a Canadian citizen?

Non-Canadians living in Canada can apply to the RPL program but preference will be given to veterans and Canadian citizens (in that order) who meet the job requirements.

If your citizenship status changes to Canadian citizen after applying, please update your applicant account.

 How to Apply:
  1. Login to your GC Jobs accountIf you don’t have a GC Jobs account, create one now (and then login)
  2. To find advertised RPL processes, use the job search menu and select graduate programs as the job type.
  3. If a process is available, use the apply online link when you are ready to apply and confirm that you have read the notice before continuing.
  4. On the Job applications page, select every link in the Requirements column of the RPL job advertisement box and provide the required information on each page.
    • Exclamation mark icon: links with this icon beside them lead to pages that are not mandatory when submitting your application; however, you should still visit those pages to see if there is information you would like to complete.
  5. Select Submit application once all pages of your application are complete.
    • You must agree to the declaration to submit your application.


Fall 2017

  • All applications are evaluated within six to eight weeks of the closing date of the advertisement.
  • If you meet the requirements, you will be invited to an interview.
  • The interviews will begin in February and may take a few months to complete.

Winter / Spring 2018

  • Interviews continue into the Spring.
  • If you are successful at the interview, a writing sample will be assessed.
  • If you pass the evaluation of your writing sample, reference checks will be performed.
  • If you pass the reference checks – congratulations! You will be placed in a pool of successful candidates eligible for hire into the federal government of Canada.


  • Note that making it into the pool does not guarantee a placement. However, RPL has a very successful rate of placement because we assign you to one of our RPL alumni to serve as your mentor, and to guide you through the final stages of the hiring process.
  • Your mentor will help plan your timeline for when you are available to begin work, and explore options to find the right job for you.
  • Your mentor will facilitate your networking with different organizations, arrange meetings with hiring managers and help you explore options. If you are located outside of the Ottawa-Gatineau region, you and your mentor will plan a trip to Ottawa to meet with hiring managers in your areas of interest.
  • Hiring managers are responsible for making an official offer of employment to candidates.
  • A typical recruit joins the public service as an analyst – at the EC-5 or EC-6 level. You can find the salary ranges for all public service classifications here: Rates of Pay for the Public Service of Canada.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Government of Canada Recruitment of Policy Leaders (RPL) Program 2017/2018 campaign

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