Fully Funded Edinburgh Latin American Forum 2018

Edinburgh Latin American Forum 2018

The Edinburgh Latin American Forum will be held at the University of Edinburgh. The Forum is an annual two-day conference where students, academics and professionals with an interest in Latin America come together, network and participate in presentations and panel sessions.

This year’s line-up includes ambassadors, politicians, and professionals from international organisations such as CHIRAPAQ, ISUOG, and the United Nations. Most sessions are presented by three high-profile speakers with an expertise in the Latin American region, each approaching their topic with a specific focus: local, national or global. The overarching question of this year’s Forum will be: “Cooperation: a Sustainable Strategy for reducing Inequality in Latin America?”. To explore what an answer to such a question might look like, four diverse sessions will take place. Below is a brief outline of these sessions.


Day 1: Gender Inequality and Education

Session 1 – The link between gender equality, education, and their implications for the future of Latin America as a Region.

Session 2 – Working in different sectors of Development as a woman in Latin America: Personal Experiences and insights.

Day 2: Economic Inequality and Sustainable Energy

Session 3 – Corruption in relation to economic inequality and its effect on development in Latin America.

Session 4 – Renewable energy with a potential focus on collaboration in the region, progress made and what this means for Latin America and its economic inequality.

More details and information can be found on the website.

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Deadline: 12th February 2018

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