Bart Kamen Memorial FIRST Scholarship Fund 2018

Applications are currently ongoing for the Bart Kamen Memorial FIRST Scholarship Fund 2018. The scholarship is exclusively open to students pursuing biomedical engineering or pre-medical degrees. Winner will be grantes an initial grant of $10,000.

Brief Description

The Bart Kamen Memorial FIRST Scholarship Fund provides funding to undergraduate students pursuing biomedical engineering or pre-medical degrees. The Fund supports the vision of FIRST to transform our culture by creating a world where science and technology are celebrated and where young people dream of becoming science and technology leaders.

Award Value

An initial grant of $10,000 will be given to the winning candidate. If selected as a recipient, furnish to FIRSTa completed IRS form W-9.

Level & Field:
Undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering or Premedical Studies.

Place of Study
In the United States of America.

Eligibility and Criteria

  • Be a secondary school senior or graduate who has not yet commenced full-time undergraduate studies at a college or university.
  • Have been accepted to, or applied for admission to, an Eligible Undergraduate Program, which means a full-time program in Biomedical Engineering or Premedical Studies or a program that allows students to pursue a chosen major while simultaneously completing a subset of medical school prep courses (e.g. biology, physics, chemistry and organic chemistry, so that the student will be qualified for admission to medical school upon graduation), at a college or university that (1). In the United States, is eligible to participate in the federal student financial assistance programs administered by the United States Department of Education under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 as amended, or (2). Outside the United States is similarly accredited.
  • Have participated as a team member for a minimum of one year on a FIRST LEGO League, FIRST Tech Challenge or FIRST Robotics Competition team.

Renewal Grant Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible for a renewal grant of $10,000 a recipient of an initial grant must:

  • Have enrolled in, and continued studies as a full-time student in, an Eligible Undergraduate Program since the initial grant, with academic performance which, in the opinion of the Grant Selection Committee, demonstrates that the student is likely to complete the Eligible Undergraduate Program and pursue a career in biomedical engineering or be admitted to medical school.
  • Send a letter requesting renewal of the grant and attesting that the student is still enrolled in a full-time Eligible Undergraduate Program together with a copy of the student’s entire official transcript from the Eligible Undergraduate Program. Indicating successful completion of courses no later than June 1 to:
  • Students who are awarded The Bart Kamen Memorial FIRST Scholarship must, annually, participate in a research project related to biomedical engineering or medicine, either with their school (as part of their studies or not) or independently (paid or unpaid). Students must annually, on or before June 1, furnish to the Grant Selection Committee a scholarly paper on the research completed during the applicable year.
  • Annually furnish to FIRST a completed IRS form W-9.
  • Students seeking a renewal grant will be notified of approval no later than July 1 at which time such student must furnish a completed IRS form W-9
  • Grant money will be sent to selected applicants (who have verified acceptance to, and enrollment in, an Eligible Undergraduate Program and who have furnished to FIRST a completed IRS form W-9), by August 31.

Applicants’ Nationality
The United States citizens are welcome to apply.

Application Instruction
This apply this Bart Kamen Memorial FIRST Scholarship Fund through the website and application link below.

Submission Deadline
1 February every year.

Website and Application Link

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