5 Amazing tips for finishing college faster than you ever thought of


5 Amazing tips for finishing college faster you Never thought of.:A lot of people steer clear from college and opt for technical training because they don’t have time (or simply don’t want to) spend four years before they’re finished with school. Although most bachelor degree programs were designed to be finished in four years, you may have some other options, which can help accelerate the process.

In fact, depending on the options your chosen college offers, you may be able to finish in half the time. Finishing college quicker can help you save money by avoiding tuition increases (which can easily happen if you’re in school for a long time), can lower your risk of dropping out, and can get you ready for your chosen career field much faster. If you need to graduate sooner, try some of the following tips:

  • Test out of what you know
  • Ask about accelerated courses
  • Appeal the maximum credit cap
  • Take courses online
  • Don’t skip summer school

Test out of what you know

Most colleges will allow students to test out of subject areas they are familiar with through a test called the CLEP exam. The CLEP (College Level Examination Program) is far cheaper than a college course at only $80.00 per exam, and in just a few hours, you can receive the credits that would otherwise take an entire semester to earn. The CLEP offers 33 different tests in five subject areas, so if you’re a whiz in a particular subject area (or multiple subject areas) you may be able to skip courses and receive credit through testing. This can save you both a great deal of time and money.

Ask about accelerated courses

Some colleges will offer accelerated courses that finish in about half the time, allowing you to take a second accelerated course for the other half of the semester. If certain courses are required to be taken in order, and can only be taken one semester at a time, this is a much faster way to meet the requirement if your school offers the option. Just bear in mind that accelerated courses move at a very fast pace, as you are receiving an entire semester’s worth of instruction in half the time. Only take on an accelerated course if you’re confident you can handle it. 


Appeal the maximum credit cap

Colleges usually have a maximum credit cap set in place, which is meant to protect students from taking on more than they can handle. But if you truly feel that you can handle more the maximum credit load, you can usually appeal the maximum. If you are successful, you’ll be able to add an extra class or two to your schedule. Just make sure you have the dedication and discipline to take on all those classes at one time. If you end up failing a class, you’ll be facing a major setback. The last thing you want to do when you’re trying to finish quicker, is actually take longer to finish because you need to repeat a course.


Take courses online

Because online courses are designed for busy students to work at their own pace, they can allow you to take on more than you’d normally be able to handle. If you’ve got a hectic schedule and can only take so many on-campus classes, find out what online classes your school offers. With the flexibility of online schooling, you may be able to take on more credits each semester.

Don’t skip summer school

Many students, especially younger students who are new to college and have just graduated high school, end up skipping the summer semester. They take the time to go home and visit with their friends and family. While taking the summer off may be tempting, you should avoid doing so if you’re hoping to graduate quickly. Summer semesters are a great way to get some extra credits in. Think about this: if you attend three summer semesters, that’s an entire school year!

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