15 Fully Funded International conferences 2018


Are you interested in fully funded workshops ,fully funded  conferences ,fully funded  symposiums etc that can enlighten you on some important subject matters in different part of the world ? like fully funded conferences in USA , fully funded Conference for Africans, fully funded conference in UK etc. Did you hear me say its FULLY FUNDED???  yea right it is… these conferences equips you with better and updated information on wide range of subject matters . here is the list of 15 Fully Funded International conferences 2018, you wont want to miss this year .

These conferences are for all level masters, PhD  students , Researchers, young undergraduates students who are seeking for opportunities to equip themselves for the future in an international community,captain of industries, employers , employees, business men and women etc.

Attending an industry conference or seminar is one of the best things you can do for the future of your business, yet many professionals within the industry ignore these valuable resources every year. These  conferences are designed to give you a plethora of usable content on a variety of relevant subjects, and will be sure to keep you up-to-date with the latest changes that are occurring within the industry—which we all know happens on almost a daily basis now-a-days.

Conferences offer the opportunity for you to be introduced to several industry experts in a short amount of time—typically over a 2-3 day period—and most importantly allow you to network with others who work in your field. An industry expert who’s a good seminar speaker—which most tend to be—will provide you with a magnitude of usable content that will be beneficial to your work and industry insight almost immediately.

The 1o benefits of attending a conference or seminar:

  1. Allows you Learn new information from presenters
  2. Networking with new people within your field
  3. The ability to share your ideas and get immediate feedback from credible individuals
  4. Enables you to evaluate the latest technologies that can potentially help grow your business
  5. Lets you locate possible investors for your business
  6. Lets you buy new products or services that are usually at marked-down prices specifically for the event
  7. Get answers to your business questions and challenges from credible individuals
  8. Collecting of presentation materials to take home with you for later reference and study
  9. Learning of free resources you can try
  10. Learning about facts and statistics that will help you to better understand the market and industry


  1. Conferences Allows you to increase your email lists and lead generation by receiving other peoples’ business cards
  2. it also Allows you to build traffic to your website by passing out your business cards or brochures


15 Fully Funded International conferences 2018

1.Fully Funded Yenching Global Symposium in Beijing (China)2018

Each year, the Symposium features prominent Chinese and international scholars, along with leading professionals from a wide range of fields. These leaders of today will share their insights with their potential counterparts: 200 students and young professionals from around the world with a noted passion for China in their work and research. They are looking for thinkers and innovators, movers and doers, creatives and campaigners. People with big ideas and specialized skills. People who are convinced that China matters and have conviction of the role they’ll play.

Delegates selected to attend the Yenching Global Symposium will receive fully-funded travel, accommodation, and meals in Beijing for the duration of the conference

2.Fully Funded 10th Annual ROTA Empower Youth Conference 2018

Fully Funded 10th Annual ROTA Empower Youth Conference 2018 is a three days event which includes , combination of seminar panel discussion, keynote speeches, small group workshops, seminars, off-site activities, exhibition, social programme and youth artistic expression.

Every year the conference intends to create a platform for a larger number of students to learn and engage in ROTA’s youth development program in Qatar.After the success of previous EMPOWERs, we opened the conference to the Region and youth from international countries. The conference addresses a variety of issues related Sustainable Development and will focus this year on Youth and Effective Citizenship. READ MORE…


3.Diversity and Inclusion Youth Conference 2018 – Malaysia

The Diversity and Inclusion Youth Conference (DIYC) is a fully funded global educational youth movement that was inaugurated by DYMM Permaisuri Raja Zarith Sofia in 2012. DIYC seeks to gather the youth together to understand how the values and practice of moderation, among themselves, can have a significant contribution towards peaceful co-existence in a multi-ethnic and multi-religious environment. By bringing together youth from various countries, this conference seeks to dissect and analyze the varied, multifaceted and evolving meanings of what it takes to create and maintain the peaceful coexistence between communities in their respective countries.

Since its inception, the movement has spread throughout Malaysia and successfully placed thousands of trained DIYC Ambassadors in countries across the region. DIYC 2018 will be held from March 6 to March 11, 2018, in Iskandar Johor, Malaysia, the birthplace of the movement..READ MORE..

4.Fully Funded Bridge the Divide Converge Conference in USA 2018

Bridge the Divide is a platform where young people in high school and college from across the United States and around the world can contribute their unique voices while engaging with their peers’ diverse political convictions. Dialogue, tolerant of thought across the political spectrum, is fostered through the submission of featured opinion editorials, online discussions, in-person conversation promoted by our global ambassadors, and special events, such as leadership summits and live-streamed discussions with young people around the world. In promoting our message online and by means of the words of committed individuals, Bridge the Divide strives to ameliorate the divisiveness and intolerance that has come to characterize political dialogue by ultimately arming young people with an appreciation for diverse political opinion and a profound concern for the future of their respective communities, nations, and the world in total…READ MORE..

5.Fully Funded British Council Future News Worldwide Conference 2018 for aspiring young Journalists At Edinburg

Fully Funded British Council Future News Worldwide Conference 2018 for aspiring young Journalists At Edinburg is a unique partnership programme between the British Council and some of the world’s leading media organisations. It aims to assist young people to develop a wide range of journalism skills and to establish the UK as a global leader in the nurturing of young journalists and media figures.

Underlying this, the programme will help build strong and lasting connections to the next generation of media leaders across the globe…READ MORE

6.Civil Society Scholar Awards (CSSA)  for Doctoral Students & University Faculty 2018-2019

The Civil Society Scholar Awards (CSSA) support international academic mobility to enable doctoral students and university faculty to access resources that enrich socially-engaged research and critical scholarship in their home country or region.

Civil Society Scholars are selected on the basis of their outstanding contributions to research or other engagement with local communities, to furthering debates on challenging societal questions, and to strengthening critical scholarship and academic networks within their fields…READ MORE..

7.Fully Funded South Africa-Washington International Program (SAWIP) 2018 for emerging young leaders

The South Africa-Washington International Program (SAWIP) inspires, develops and supports a diverse new generation of young South African leaders who have a history of serving others with humility and integrity and ambition to be active citizens and servant leaders. Through a richly varied program of service activities and hands-on leadership opportunities as well as skills development, these emerging leaders establish a trust based on shared experience with their team that transcends racial, socio-economic, religious and other boundaries..READ MORE 

8.MTN Nigeria Graduate Programs for young Nigerian Graduates 2018

MTN Nigeria Graduate Programs for young Nigerian Graduates 2018 is a set of programmes put together by  one of the worlds prestigious telecommunications companies in Nigeria MTN to give young Nigerian Graduates opportunity to grow and advance their  career. Both programes will last for 2 years of which upon completion applicants stand a chance to be offered a permanent job position at MTN depending on their performance during the programme…READ MORE ..

9.The Japan Foundation Program 2018-19 in Japan

The Japan Foundation invites individuals and organizations that are planning international exchange projects and activities to participate in programs of the Japan Foundation.The Japan Foundation conducts programs in the three major areas of Arts and Cultural Exchange, Japanese-Language Education Overseas, Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange, as well as Strengthening Cultural Exchange in Asia. There are applicable programs in each of these areas, and support is provided for activities conducted by individuals and organizations that are involved in international exchange…READ MORE ..

10.Fully Funded Edinburgh Latin American Forum 2018

The Edinburgh Latin American Forum will be held at the University of Edinburgh. The Forum is an annual two-day conference where students, academics and professionals with an interest in Latin America come together, network and participate in presentations and panel sessions..READ MORE

11.Fully Funded World Forum of Future Leaders of Environment 2018

Fully Funded World Forum of Future Leaders of Environment 2018 , owing to the fact that Young people constitute a large part of the world’s population and young people will have to live longer with the consequences of current environmental decisions than will their elders. The problem today is that many people are ignorant and oblivious of their responsibility to the environment and have thus continued to unknowingly or knowingly carry out activities that are harmful to the environment. In order to counter this, great focus is being pointed at youth as agents of change to sustain the environment and create awareness among the whole human population.READ MORE .

12.Fully Funded Social Enterprise Conference 2018 at Harvard University

The 19th Annual Social Enterprise Conference (SECON), presented by students at Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School, will bring together top leaders, practitioners and students on February 10-11, 2018 to engage in dialogue, debate, and expression around Social Enterprise. Our mission is to educate participants about Social Enterprise’s potential in solving the world’s most pressing problems and to inspire meaningful discussion around the key challenges within the field…READ ALSO.

13.The Priceza Young Entrepreneur Competition 2018

The event runs from December 20, 2017 to February 2, 2018. Under the theme of DIGITAL INNOVATION and the tagline “Encouraging Young Ideas to Create the Next Wave in Digital Revolution”, the competition is expected to become a forum for young generation of Indonesia to present their business ideas through a business plan competition that focus on the development of digital technology in the country. Priceza Indonesia sees the importance role of our future generations to understand the current world market situation, especially Indonesia, which is currently in the go-online stage, in the hope that the presented ideas will be able to optimize digital business and contribute greatly to the progress of e-commerce in Indonesia…READ ALSO

14.Fully Funded The Collective Global Accelerator 2018 in London

The Collective Global Accelerator (CGA) is a 4-week residential experience at our co-living community The Collective Old Oak in London. CGA brings together the best and brightest social entrepreneurs from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds and businesses. We want to help you scale your impact on the world. If you attend CGA, you’ll have an extraordinary opportunity to become a better entrepreneur; to be part of a community of people who share your commitment to do good; to grow into a global innovator, and to get access to our network of world-class experts and thought leaders. The Collective Global Accelerator is an initiative by The Collective Foundation and covers all costs for participants…READ MORE..

15.ASCD 2018 Global Leadership Summit In Boston

ASCD, a nonprofit dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching, and leading, is pleased to announce the ASCD 2018 Global Leadership Summit in Bosten in partnership with the GlobalEd Events, March 23, 2018, Mass. Teachers, school and district administrators, and thought leaders will gather at the one-day event to turn global competence ideas into implementable actions.

In a time of increased cultural diversity, global connectivity, and polarization of perspectives, how can leaders in classrooms, schools, districts, and education policy arenas support students with the competencies to thrive in college, careers, and as citizens in diverse communities?..READ MORE




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